Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sea of human beings and their self powered machines

They are raising soft cheeses and throwing French babies, as is the custom

I left my house before 8:00 a.m. I wanted to get as far out as I could before hooking up with the RAGBRAI riders and ride back into town with the mosh pit. Rode to the town of Farley, and was not sure where the RAGBRAI route was at. I headed North from town, after 10 miles I was wishing I had a map. Was not sure if somehow I bypassed the route and was headed out to nowhere.

Then I spotted them.

Looking like ants on the horizon, 100s of bicyclist, over 15,000 of em stretched out for miles and miles. I saw the flashing lights of traffic control. I slipped into the Pantaloon. Huge group, moving too slow, I realized if I worked myself to the left the faster the riders, until I found myself cranking and flying, which is what I wanted. It was down hill after hill and back up hill after hill. All RAGBRAI riders now know that Dubuque is all hills. There was a hill I would say 60% of the riders were walking up. Got a great workout flying with the flyer's.

It was something else riding through town, streets blocked off, bicycling ruled today.

Rolled into downtown, people cheering and ringing cow bells. The ride ended at the Mississippi River, music all day, food and beer galore.
Today I was in the ultimate mosh pit of bicycling and it was fun.

Three aluminum horses. No, No, not the above picture, the one below this caption.

Well I hope I have some legs left, for some gravel grinding tomorrow.

Ride on



tainterturtles said...

I can't even imagine 15,000 riders. I bet you had lots of fun, especially down by the river with all the activities.

Dan O said...

Fun stuff. I've heard that's a great ride and people from all over the US attend.

In the '80s I did the NYC 5 Boro ride a few times. That had about 20,000 people over 40 miles or so. Crazy, but fun.

I've also done the STP (Seattle to Portland) ride twice. About 10,000 people for that.

The giant group deal is fun occasionally - try it.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Looks like the right decision was made.

Steph said...

Cool horses!!

Glad Ragbrai got to take ya in, for the last day :)