Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Playing on Pavement.

Was fun to ride on pavement tonight. Was the zip, and the zap that 110 psi 23 cc tires bring. My bike is light, I don't have to pack much water, plenty available on the route. I carry a cell phone so I don't carry any gear, except camera, and wallet. If I break down, I dial 1-800-come pick me up somebody.

Rode the rolling hills of Dubuque, tried to hang on to a 20 mph pace, the hills wouldn't allow that, but other terrain would I was working hard to maintain that average. Took this picture of the sun and clouds, I'm trying to do what Mr Tom Hairy Legs does. Nooooo!!! I don't mean 5 hour full centuries, good grief!! I meant, to emulate those cloud sun pictures he captures. Check some of that out here.

Seems everyone lately is complaining about the heat, over and over. That just makes me want to ride more centuries out in it. I'm headed out for a gravel metric tomorrow. I'm packing 4 lbs of water, 20 oz, of V8 and 20 oz of Mountain Dew all frozen. Doesn't take long to thaw either. So I have water, minerals, and caffeine. I'll have to restock at my 1/2 way point. Close to 90 degrees tomorrow. Really not bad at all. I'm going to have to use some bug stuff. They are terribly nasty this year, my ears still itch from something biting on me last Sunday.

If I had to pick a style of weather for all year, I think I would still pick the Iowa 4 seasons. I appreciate each challenge and change that the seasons bring for bicycling.
However if I could make a "weather wish" it would be to 16 hours of daylight all year, that'd be perfect.

Watching Lance "again" what a noble effort today. But that was it for the legend in terms of winning a stage in the TDF. His tolerance for pain is immense. I think he hit new pain thresholds today, he wanted this one bad.

Well, gotta scoot, I am going to look up some new music, new good tunes always enhance the ride.
Have a good evening/day


Oh and one more thing, say this as fast as you can 5 times

"A bottle in front of me is better then a total frontal lobotomy."


tainterturtles said...

Your ride tomorrow sounds nice. Ride your heart out and have FUN.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like four seasons too. When it comes to riding, I think I like the fall best. I still have plenty of energy, and the cool temps are very comfortable.

Travel Gravel said...

I liked the whole "Lance" package for a couple of years but the controlling of the race wore me out on liking him any further than 2 titles. Plus, he dissed Il Pirata and that was IT! I know he cheated too, but he had more style in doing so. Now though, it is bitter sweet to see LA in his last Tour. I guess I will miss him overall. Keep on ridin' Dave! Later.

Bill G said...

Have to agree with you Dave!!!

Ride on no matter what Mother Nature slings your way!

Steph said...

Have you ridden this hill??

I will be bailing off the route before Dubuque... so I'll miss it. bummmmmmmer :)

MrDaveyGie said...

Yeap, Steph, I have done that hill, this end of Iowa is full of hills, I've made friends with most of em. :-)