Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Riding to lunch

I found out these are two Nuclear missiles disguised, shhh, I was told to keep this a secret.

Pedaled out to the town of Dyersville, about 32 miles from my house taking trail and gravel. I timed it to meet my daughter and family there as they headed back to Minn and we had lunch together. Man I ate way to much to get on a bike and pedal 32 miles back home on a warm day.

I got there a little early and rode around small town USA, I asked a old fellow walking down the sidewalk 'any good places to eat here in town?' He said "yeap right there at the "Family Restaurant" I like the baked Cod he told me. Well I found out later I do too.

I'm taking pictures of grandson Cole and things and my low battery warning light came on. I stopped taking pictures so just in case I ran into that Alien Space craft again I would have enough battery juice left to get of picture of them.

Well it didn't matter I didn't see the Alien craft, but yanno the doctor said if I keep taking my medication I wouldn't be seeing those Alien crafts and hearing voices anymore. So maybe he was right. Makes me wonder how can any medicine be that powerful that it stops Alien craft visitation. geeesh, just kidding Melissa, don't have your father committed.

Lunch was fun, I was full and it took 15 miles before I could push the pace. Ran into another rider of my equal, and raced the last 15 miles. I busted my butt and kept the lead until the "finish line" and accelerated and swung around me. It was fun, and I will return sir to kick your butt. :-) meeester. I can see the obituaries, two old men found dead of a heart attack on the Heritage Trail with in 3 feet of one another.

The black top crew was out. They are resurfacing the route RAGBRAI will take, I understand there will be near 20,000 bicyclist riding across Iowa, that is HUGE. I'll probably jump in somewhere.
I would really like to improve my bicycling abilities. Now, honestly I pretty much ride as much and as far as my energy allows. That is the easy part. Recovery at age 57 doesn't come as easy as it did at 30, but I love to push my arse to it's limits as often as I can. So!!! Where can I make improvements at? Hmmmm, Ok I'll say it I need to lose 20lbs. I still carry the frame work from my old sport of power lifting. Power lifters are built like garbage cans, barrel chested. That doesn't help bicycling. Where I notice it the most is I can be working hard and keeping up with another rider that is better then me, but as soon as we hit a hill, the extra weight is like dragging an anchor and I get left behind. Ok warning. I am going to say the "F" word. Yes I could also lose some fat.
Don't you wish beer and pizza was diet food?

Birgit and I went up and visited pa tonight, he worked today, he's 86, amazing. He enjoys his job, he gives tours on an old river boat down on the Mississippi river tourist area.

When I got home this strange creature was on my back deck. Should I be frightened?


tainterturtles said...

Sounds like you had a nice lunch with family, but yikes, riding home after eating? Yeah, I bet that was hard.

Hey, we all need to shed a few pounds, except for Harry Legg's!!!!

Clive Chapman said...

I'd be frightened...

mrbill said...

Dave, looks like you had a full day, takes me a week to do that much, oh to be young again. Your Dad still working at 86, yes, that is amazing!

Steph said...

damn... beer and pizza.
I try so many ways to validate the 2 as "bike fuel" :)

Bill G said...

Those aliens sunbathe??????

Hope your pa is doing well and the rest of you!

We should do Guitar Ted's Gravel Raggbrai next year! Sounds much more enjoyable!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

That is one good lookin' grandson.

Dan O said...

Cute grandkid.

Looks like the aliens landed on your deck....