Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Another day, another ride

Look who is hiding in the trees. Let's get going, and don't tell me it's too hot.

I'm thinking the biggest change that has occurred with me and being 57 years of age is my recovery rate regarding endurance cycling. I think I mentally push as hard as times past, but I take longer to recover and don't ride as fast or as long as used to be.

Was leg tired all day at work, came home and plowed through my usual town riding with reluctant legs.

Perhaps I am not being totally honest with myself, lot of problems at work today that took me out of the air conditioned office and out into a very hot power plant.

Sunday I pounded the pedals, when I reflect back, so determined to explore all the flood damage, I walked, carried, and pedaled through mud and washouts for 62 miles.

Tonight riding I went through Dubuque's most popular park tonight, and there was not a dozen people in the whole park. Too hot for em. Never saw that in July, ever.

However I sit here much happier because I went out and worked the pedals for 90 minutes tonight. It is the discipline I demanded of me. A strange lot some of us.

I have tomorrow off. I have some "ride" goals, one is to do a metric century in the gravel. Another goal is to ride some of the RAGBRAI route on pavement with my cyclecross. There is this hill "Potter Hill" to be exact that has a lot of flat landers worried. So I need to go up it again with full pack and my CX, just because it's there, I guess. Then head back to the gravel miles.

I get home after my ride, lock the bike in the garage, and look who is guarding my chives, isn't that special.


tainterturtles said...

Your dog has quite the face! Looks like a guard dog to me.

That 90 minutes of riding today...priceless. Your a trooper Mr DG.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's a good thing we get better lookin' as we get older, 'cause I sure ain't getting faster.

Clive Chapman said...

You're only as old as (the woman) you feel mate... ;-)

Bill G said...

Don't ride as far and fast as you used to????

Man I would be interested in hearing how far you used to ride!!!

mrbill said...

Have a good ride Dave and I think the Chives are safe