Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Fat butt and another metric gravel century

Had the day off, and plan was ride out on gravel for a metric century. Got off to a slow start, was 9:00 before I headed out the door with frozen V8 juice, and water, 6 lbs worth.

After a ride out of town, and a short highway stretch riding the white fog line, I got on the gravel and got into my rhythm. Had some things that happened with all the family hurts and interactions and riding a bike was the best place to work them out to determine what direction to go. And I did.

Had new music loaded on the IPOD which helps put pep in my legs. Kept and eye on my Heart Rate forced the pace, enjoyed, but I did run out of gas the last 10 miles and just did the pedal home with no zip and zap. I was coated with gravel dust sticking to my sweat coated body, felt like a sugared coated cinnamon roll. The bugs were freak'n vampires again. I put some bug stuff on my ears and neck, but you could not stop anywhere in the brush or in the woods, the bugs came out in mass. A wasp stung me in the gut and when I slapped the lil varmint stung me in the thumb.

Completed Gravel Century #48 for the year.

Packed one of these "lil debbies" I buy them but never eat em everybody else does, including neighborhood lil ones, I did today, wow what a sugar goop ball.

Here's an Algebraic equation. (gravel road + bicycle + pedaling)effort = endorphin buzz.

Ok here is where I need you to be brutally honest with me. With no further ado. DO THESE SHORTS MAKE MY BUTT LOOK FAT????? I need to know, I mean a week from this Saturday I will be mingling with 1000s of other bikers as they arrive in Dubuque for the final day of RAGBRAI. I want to be fashionably dressed for such an occasion.

Ok that's all


tainterturtles said...

Those bugs found me on Monday. Every time I stopped to take a pic, they ATE me!

Hope you work out the family stuff...that's hard, especially when everyone is still hurting from the loss of mama.

Now, as for the BUTT thing, hummmm no one looks good in padded shorts. Just saying from one cyclist to another!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I did NOT need to see that. You know how long it's going to take to get that image out of my brain?
There isn't a bike ride long enough, that's for sure.

Ditto on what TT says. Everybody's hurting, and probably a little scared. Thinkin' it over on the bike was a good plan. Nothin' wrong with takin' some time to mull it all over. Hang in there, buddy.

Clive Chapman said...

Haha! What's seen cannot be unseen!

Bill G said...

You are hilarious Dave!!!

Have a great weekend and keep up the awesome riding!

Steph said...

what kinda tunes do ya listen to while biking?
I love my bike play-list.

also... vampire bugs suck. wait... I mean.. I HATE vampire bugs.

gnarlees said...

My eyes!!! Just be glad I'm not posting my butt!!

Dan O said...

Agghh!! My eyes!! The last picture caused some temporary blindness, but I've since recovered.

Skipping a few Little Debbie snacks may help the shorts situation.

As always, always amazed at the mileage you pull off. I get a kick outta the humor also.

Ride on man....