Friday, July 9, 2010


Been spending most of my time next to mom at the hospital. Papa, and us 5 kids have been going in and out, around the clock, grandchildren, spouses, and mom's siblings also spend time. Mom has not responded in days, and breathing gets more labored, time here, for my mama is very short.

Mom was mom to everybody, I so recall in my teens, mom would feed who ever I would show up out of my crowd, those fellows still know mom today and well remember the "feedings".

Country cycling for now out to nowhere for hours on end is currently on hold.

But I do head out each day sometime what ever best fits the time slot, on my road bike. It seems no matter how I think I feel, I ride hard, as hard as I can, and past that point, pushing past what hurts. In some strange way I think I am conquering something, conquering pain and suffering, conquering injustice, and the harder I ride, the more I conquer. Hills are the best place to do this, off the saddle, pushing until there is no more left in me when I get to the top, only to do it all over again on the next hill. I am not sure why I do this, and why I feel like this. It just is.

Be good to each other, I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Over and out.



tainterturtles said...

Great picture of you and your mom...she's a pretty lady. A mother's love is forever.

Hang in there Dave.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Keep on makin' your mom proud. She's always gonna be watchin'.
You're on my mind a lot, bro.

Bill G said...

Dave - prayers for mom again and for you and the family!

Ride on Rider!

welshcyclist said...

I feel your hurt, your mum will always be with you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure your mom would be glad you get out on the bike in between.