Thursday, July 15, 2010

This is how I play

was busy all day yesterday, taking care of things, fixing things, buying my son who has been sleeping on the floor in his apartment a bed, and yard work, cleaned out car, and fixing things I have been putting off because most my free time is spent on a bike, AND DIDN'T RIDE A BIKE.

today, went back to work for the first time since mama turned for the worse last Wednesday morning. Work was active, catching up on projects, and directions, budgets, and bought a car after work from "Craig's List," for my son to use for now, and then went looking for dad, couldn't find him, and ended up visiting with my sister AND DIDN'T RIDE A BIKE.

tomorrow I have to work, then pick up that car I bought, go to the courthouse attend an event after work, and probably will say, "AND DIDN'T RIDE A BIKE"

this is unheard of for me, so my hope is I can spend most of the daylight hours this weekend doing what comes easy for me, bicycling.

this made me think about bicycling. Bicycling over icy paths, or up a rutted single track, or an all out sprint up a two mile highway hill, or hours and hours on a gravel road, sometimes in a raging thunder storm, is so much simpler then everything else I have been doing It just comes easy. Day after day, hour after hour, mile after mile, it just comes easy.

the harder the ride, the more I can become completely involved with the ride, the better the ride is....sometimes during the ride, an amazing thought or idea comes to me, something I want to remember, a revelation, but I know no matter how profound, I will forget what it was, and forget a few more along the ride....

at 57 years of age, I still say to myself, about bicycling "there is more I can do, I can still push harder" handle more lactic acid, pedal faster and further then ever before. That is easier, then the "duties of life" time stops for me somewhere early in the ride, the continuous rotation of the pedals, somehow creates freedom, freedom from the problems I worry about, it just does.

That is how I play.


Bill G said...

Wow - 3 days off the bike - watch out Iowa Dave is going to tear you up this weekend.

You should hit up G-Ted's Death Ride for some fun!

Have a great weekend!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

All work and no's tough being an adult. We actually have to take care of stuff.

Hang in there.

tainterturtles said...

I bet these days off the bike have been hard for you. At least you have the right thoughts for the weekend....ride, ride, ride!

You'll be fine Mr. D, but hope you get those chores done.

Clive Chapman said...

Life...don't talk to me about life...

Google the phrase mate.

mrbill said...

You will be rewarded for your time off the bike, Recovery, a good thing, when you get back on your bike you will feel like Superman.
Glad you bought your Son a car, now if we can find him a better sleeping partner.

Steph said...

you're having withdrawl!!!

Mauricio Babilonia said...

"[...] the continuous rotation of the pedals, somehow creates freedom, freedom from the problems I worry about, it just does."

Amen, brutha, A-men.

welshcyclist said...

Only one thing for it, we've got to keep on playing. Hell, who wants to be a grown up anyway? Life is so much simpler out there, pedalling on a bike.