Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Rode trail, gravel, highway, and city streets.

Headed out on the city streets, hooked up on the paved city bike trail, and rode to the city limits. Rode the fog line on Highway 52, made me a little nervous not much shoulder to escape on from cars flying by. Turned off on county roads, and then gravel roads. For some reason a farmer screamed at me as I was riding past his farm on a gravel road. Pictured below.

Not sure what the deal was. I had headphones in didn't hear what he said, and wasn't looking for a fight so I kept on going. Perhaps he doesn't like a bicyclist, I know a near by bike trail was having it's bridges burned down in the 70s as farmers in the area protested unfairly. That trail is closed from the recent floods therefore I was riding gravel. Seemed like he didn't like me there. Oh well.

Rode 70 miles on dirt and through 6 small towns on pavement. Loved it. Now legs DO NOT be whining to me tomorrow that your tired, your getting your rest now.

I suspect all bikers realize that riding on gravel roads for the first time past farms and homes there is always the "unknown dog issue" I was always on alert for a kamikaze German Shepherd to side bang me with the motive of executing me for violating his turf. I had a few deep barks but no free roaming canines. Thank you everybody for securing your canines.

I wanted to check this hill out. Potter Hill. There has been a lot of talking regarding this hill and RAGBRAI riders riding it on Saturday. Was a good climb. Put me up on a ridge on Old Hwy 20 quite a view wind and rain came and visited with me for awhile.

Well thanks for visiting, hope your day had some time for fun.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I'm glad your legs still got some umpf. Mine are shot.

tainterturtles said...

Wow, 70 miles. I understand what riding on gravel and pavement is like. Bike man and I plan on doing just that at the end of August for two weeks....actually we'll be in your neck of the woods!

Bill G said...

Pre-Tour I had been chased by 1 dog in all the riding I had done!

Tour - About 1,000 dogs chased us!!!

Post-Tour - Still waiting for the first one but I always flinch a little when I hear the bark - must be Chased By Dog Post Partum Syndrome!

Great ride!!!

welshcyclist said...

Fantastic mileage, never had a farmer scream at me, only drivers. It's very sad that they feel the need to scream at a fellow human being, for simply being there. What's that all about? I can understand an uncontrolled dog barking and growling, he feels you are invading his territory, but farmers and drivers?

Dan O said...

Your ride descriptions and recent magazine articles about riding in the midwest are interesting. Those endless gravel roads look cool to explore.

Would be a fun experiment to trade riding areas for awhile. I'll check out the rural Iowa landscape and you could scary yourself silly (and have a blast) on our technical singletrack.

That's for posting the pics and stories.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Is that Pitty's picture?

MrDaveyGie said...

Mr. H.L. I think my legs are headed to burn out.

Mrs. T.T. this is a nice area with river and all.

Sir Bill G. Something about them dogs lately.

Mr Welsh C. Yeap I do not know what was up that farmer's (_!_)

Dan O. Yes would love to be able to swap locations with a blink of an eye. Be fun.

Dawn MARIE!!!!!!!!! NO that is not Pitty. Not my darling dog.Go to the bottom of my blog and see Mz Pitt.

welshcyclist said...

Just pooped in and have to say your new blog layout is great.