Friday, July 23, 2010

Rain and other things

Good grief, 9 inches of rain last night in Dubuque county. My rain gauge was full to the top at around 8 inches. It is so humid out now it is hard to take a deep breath.

I had to get some stuff done around here tonight, my tomatoes were lifting the cages up in the air and tipping over. My sun flowers were flopping over. My cyclecross bike was coated in grime and grit. So I took care of business.

Tomorrow is the one day of the year I have to get permission to ride. Yeap. It's my honey's birthday, and not just any birthday. I can not say because a lady doesn't like to have her age mentioned. But let me say this, it's sometimes referred to as the BIG _ _ - O and AARP has been sending letters. I am not going to say anymore, not if I want to go riding.

So here is a sneak picture I took, I don't know what happened but she is white as a ghost.

Not only is it Birgit's birthday tomorrow, it is also Caleb's 22nd birthday my youngest. He's looking a little wild in this pic, but Caleb can be a little wild at times.

And Sunday it is my father's 87th birthday

Ok one more thing and then I'll shut up, my sister Dawnie Girl started a blog, pictured right here, she is wondering if anybody ever reads these things, you drop her a note and she'll appreciate.

My sister's blog. <---CLICK HERE PLEASE

Oh I know I said I would shut up, but one more thing, I have gotten permission to ride tomorrow. Yahoo, Hot rain, sun, and humidity is tomorrow.




tainterturtles said...

Happy Birthday to your honey. I'll be reaching the Big ....0 next month. Yikes.

We will be getting your rain tonight.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

That front is between us. You are on the soupy side.
Having all those youngins around must be what keeps you feelin' young.

You got a real sweetheart there.

Dan O said...

Happy Birthday to all.

You're Honey sounds like a honey.

It's cool to hear about your family.