Thursday, July 1, 2010

Riding through the Jungle

My legs wanted to play today and took me along for the fun. So out to the trails, bicycling I go.

There was some underlying fatigue in my combustion chambers. The more I rode the better things felt. Hmmmm, I wonder, is it a bit NUTZ'O to be talking about your legs in third person? I mean I gotta be careful my daughter Melissa reads my blogs to determine if I have totally flipped my lid, I wouldn't want her to be trying to commit me or something. :-)~ I try to tell her I am not crazy but I think some of the voices in my head might be.

Oh remember that guy Terry I met on the trail last weekend and tried to catch back up to him, and pedaled my butt off but never did see him again, after he had a 5 mile headstart. Wellllll, I found out that he stopped in a small town tavern in Durango for a Bloody Mary, and I must have pedaled right on by. So I am still a legend in my own mind. LoL.

So another metric Century in the dirt today. Three day weekend this weekend with the 4th of July we get Monday off. Yahooo. So sounds like ride time to me.
Took this lil video clip headed out of town this morning, with all this rain the brush is getting really thick.

Hope your day was good as well.

Over and out.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

What! Those aren't real voices?

tainterturtles said...

What? He stopped to pleasure himself with a bloody mary? You rule Mr D Guy! At least you wait until you get home to drink your brews.

KungFooSausage said...

Could have sworn I saw a crashed Mitsibushi Zero in that video

Clive Chapman said...

Did you take a machete?

Marla Gnarla said...

Dang, that is quite the jungle. Looked like fun, though:)

Melissa said...

Nice video, dad. Don't get attacked by ticks. ;-)

Oh, and Cole says hi.