Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hi my name is Dave, I was thinking of starting up a blog so bear with me please.
I am 58 years old, work more then full time, engaged to a good woman, who puts up without complaint to me spending most my spare time, money, thoughts, and planning on bicycling riding. So with that I will proceed.

This past weekend I rode two gravel metric centuries back to back. Was hot and grueling. Metric #1 I was able to keep a hard crank going, drank lots of water, and finished strong.
Metric #2 another hot day, was dragging, but kept forcing myself to keep the pace moving. Stopped and rested three times for 15 minutes each, something I rarely do, but was needed. Even took off my shoes and socks to cool down, and almost fell asleep here or maybe I did, I'm not sure. My blood felt like lead paste to get things pumping again.

I had to take two days off the bike due to a small medical procedure I had done to my knee on Monday morning, a shot of lube, synvisc to be exact. Maybe I was supposed to take off the bike a few more days, but I forgot my doctor's orders.

Tonight after work the weather forecast had flash flood warnings out. It was really super humid out, but I was anxious to get some ride time in, and didn't see anything significant on the weather radar. That sure changed in a hurry. I seemed to have good energy, was riding hard and sweating profusely with the high humidity. The rain started. I could taste my sweat as rain washed my face, my eyes burned, I realized how much salt you lose by sweating. Then downpours, and then lightening and thunder all around me.

What happened next I will never ever forget. I started feeling an electrical charge building up across my soaking wet back. I thought I am going to get struck by lightening, I might get toasted right here. I thought stay on bike, I wasn't sure why, but felt that would be the safest place to be. The next instance a loud crack and lightening bolt went off all around me. So I'm thinking I need to pedal straight home as fast as I can and get off the street before I am zapped. Then it was one lightening bolt after another, 12 inches of water in the street. I started feeling the tingling again, and then BAMM!!!!!!! another lightening strike seemed to be all around.

That does it. I pulled into a unloading area at an old folks home, called my lady, begged for a ride, and she obliged.
I'm thinking of maybe packing lights tomorrow on my after work ride so I can ride after dark, to make up for the shortened trip tonight. Told ya, seems I spend most my spare time pedaling these days.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Knock Knock, anybody home??

Sorry been taking a bit of a Blogcation.
However been riding like a fool
Acting like a idiot
And babbling like a moron.

Generally a couple of Gravel Centuries a week and pavement in between.

Will be back very soon with incoherent ramblings, poorly PhotoShopped photos with silly themes, and more. I promise ya, cross my heart.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bicycling and Parties

Spent the 4th of July weekend riding bicycle. Imagine that. :-)   Rode Metric gravels Saturday and Sunday, tried eating 100 calories of carbs every hour or less. That is all it took to keep from seriously bonking as mentioned in an earlier post. Was able to ride a lot stronger, ride until my legs had no more on Monday, much prefer that style then to be hit with wipe out overall fatigue. It was fun.

At my turnaround point on Monday noticed my sidewall was starting to bulge outward. Reduced air pressure and thought I will just ride as far as I can before tire failure with no repair possible. Well tire held up, and is now in the garbage can.

Did some road riding too. Does wearing roadie shoes, and riding a road bike on pavement make me a roadie? 

Pedaled down to Joshua's house, my oldest son's house on July 3rd. He and his room mates live right underneath one of the most spectacular fireworks show one will ever see. There is over 100,000 people in the immediate area to watch the show.

He was having one hell-uva party. Keggers where flowing, mixed drinks were going down, check out his front yard.

My  son Caleb was there too. He put his bicycle in the back of the car parked and pedaled the rest of the way because you couldn't even park with in a mile of the place.

The next morning I pedaled back down to check out the "morning after"

I was glad I was not inside some peoples' heads that morning.......
Pedaling around I ran into John, he was making a killing on empty beer cans,

John found a few unopened cans of beers on his can hunt and not wanting to waste any he was downing a 'warm one' on his ride to cash in his bounty. I tried to hook him up with my son Josh, and collect the cans but Josh would not answer the phone. Go figure.

Ok it is now Tuesday night, I am watching thee "Tour" don't know who won it yet, but they are getting close.

See ya,

Saturday, July 2, 2011


62 miles, 100 Kilometers, on dirt or gravel, I consider my 'base workout'. It is not supposed to be an endurance event, even for this old carcass. Lately I have been dragging the tail end of this ride. Lately I have been burning more calories then I consume. I am shedding some of my whale blubber, whale blubber doesn't allow one to attack hills well. Beer, Pizza, and Beer are all to good of friends of mine. So I have restricted my calorie intake.
I didn't take into account that 4 to5 hours of pedaling requires adequate blood glucose levels. I invested in a blood glucose meter, they are under 30 bucks. My last metric C I came home with a blood glucose level of 83, to low, not enough fuel. So today I packed a PBJ sandwich and inhaled at the half way point of the ride.
With 17 miles left, exhaustion set in. I was leaning my forearms on the handle bars, pedaling slow, with a low heart rate. 17 miles from home, I woofed down a granola bar, sweet and surgery. With in about 12 minutes I was kicking some high heart rates, riding hard, and enjoying the ride again.
When I got home I checked my blood glucose and it was still too low, 81. Sorry for anybody reading this, and thinking 'who cares' but my point is, keep yourself fueled, for those that want to push themselves. Ok, I'm done, off my soapbox. :-) 

I  promised ya'll a picture of the UFO, that has been frequenting the area of my ride, but maybe next time I will capture the pic. 

 After arriving home, I grilled up a happy ending......

Over and out.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Just passing through.

Been riding a lot but not stopping by and posting. Riding to much perhaps that I am  a tad on the exhausted side often. Also working the non biking muscles and stretching, makes for a better ride. Today's heat index was 115, humidity about 75 and temp 96. I lifted after work,  strengthening shoulders, arms, and chest, doing sits, and leg curls. No ride today trying to store up some energy in the legs for a metric gravel tomorrow and finish stronger then I have been. I have in the freezer two 32 ounce water bottles and a 24 oz V8. Hot rides V8 makes a good blend of minerals and such. It is easy to overdo the salts and 24 oz of V8 is about right for a 5 hour ride. I'll need a refill of fluids somewhere out there.
Ok, ok, I'll stop rambling with this boring talk. On tomorrow's ride I will try to capture a picture of the UFO I have been seeing, or that Sasquatch apeman I have been seeing out there bicycling. The fastest I have ever rode in my life is when he tried to chase me down, and who knows what he had in mind if he would have got me.

 So ya'll come back now.