Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Creatures from the Dark Side.


Here is the note that my son Caleb left on the coffee pot this morning. He knew that would be the first place I would go when I woke up and wanted to warn me of the danger that was lurking.

Now I don't have a fear of rattle snakes, attacking dogs, and clowns. But bats are the most evil creatures on earth. Attacking many innocent victims everyday. Now I have one running lose in my house. Lurking, waiting to attack.

So if my blogging activity suddenly ceases, consider me held captive in a vampire bat cave, being kept barely alive for my blood.

Oh I had to work extra hours tonight doing stack emissions testing and didn't get on the bike, looking forward to some saddle time.
Hope your day went well for you and was free from bat attacks.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

Lessons learned today. Do not walk on your bathroom ceramic floors wearing your clipless bike shoes. I came to that realization when I heard CRaCk!@#. Seems the SPD cleats clashed with one of the tiles and cracked it.

Bike riding in town tonight, knee was pain free and I was happy. So looking forward to getting some longer saddle time in after missing out on a scheduled century yesterday.

Me whining yesterday

Me smiling today.

Thanks Grandson Cole for the expressions.

Our UnitedWay fund drive went well at work, we received pledges for miles bicycled and ran from other employees. The other two pictured here are runners. We are the top three money raisers. My boss, Ellis gave me a challenge, about 2 weeks into a 10 week fund drive. He said see if you can out total the next two combined in cash. So with a week to go it seemed I had in in the bag. Lo and behold these guys kicked it in gear the last week, I was 18 miles short. I didn't know this till after it was over. All I needed was 18 more measly miles. I told Ellis if you would have phoned me on the last night and told me I needed 18 miles I would have strapped on my light and taken care of business. What surprises me, is that surprised him I would do such a thing. Ya gotta get er done is how my mind works.

I asked my local bike shop if they could order me, the new Salsa MukLuk. After talking to Salsa a couple of times it seems they will now only take orders for 10 at a time. Single orders will not be taken until sometime in November. I would love to have this bike for snow travel. Perhaps production will catch up with demand before the end of the year. Would complete my stable.

So Monday is out of the way, summer is starting to loose it power, fall riding is around the corner.

And last but not least, I'll leave you with this, one picture is worth a thousand words. :-)


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Riding to nowhere

Well my plan today was to do a "noride" day, let the knee simmer down, and catch up on some chores. Got up early and got a whole bunch of stuff done. As I was going in and out of the garage, I kept noticing a lonely bike. This was the bike that was stolen, kidnapped and who knows what unspeakable horrors she went through. She never talks about it.

What I noticed most about this bike was it was missing a lot of parts. I would routinely rob parts from her to keep my other bikes ridable. Shame on me.

So I put on top of my list for today to make her ridable again. Pedals, wheels, tires I put 38cc to ride some paths near my house, seat post, seat, bottle rack, and bike bag. She was ready to go. TADA Here she is. Isn't she purrrty? Now she's begging for a ride. Who amongst us could turn her down?!?!?!?!?

Now if my plan was to not ride today, that would mean I was riding nowhere. So I hopped on the old girl in search of nowhere and headed down the street.

I found nowhere.

Miles and miles of cut paths through fields.

Then I thought, I should head somewhere, and decided to head to papa's house. Taking the backyard's route, it was fun.

Next I checked out the 'hidden trails' This is area is less then a mile from my house. My boys would ride here 10-12 years ago, borrow my shovels and build jumps and stuff. I wondered if it still existed and headed that way.

This was a great discovery, dozens of jumps and fast curves.

Look at this banked curve, I'd love to catch some action here.

Here is the "cottage" My boys' were a big part of this 10-12 years ago, and now other generations have taken over. My hat goes off to you guys. The place was neat, not a speck of litter, and looking like a lot of fun. I am going to try and catch some action here and take some movie shots.

So if you have a noride day, and ride nowhere, it can be fun too.



Saturday, August 28, 2010

Riding away

Now after 465 posts my honey inserts her first comment. Here is a direct excerpt from her commentary.

"Alright honey, story is finished, now it is time to face the world, PICK UP THE BASEMENT, CLEAN THE GARAGE".........Birgit

Now honestly I had the best of intentions this morning. I mean here is a picture of her picking me up from an all day bike ride outside of town. The reason, I had a flat and didn't feel like taking the time to patch it, so I called 1-800 RescueME. So I thought I need to make an effort here. I started cleaning the basement, well I should, it's mostly my stuff laying around. But somewhere between my 1st and 2nd cup of coffee, the powerful overwhelming urge to travel gravel swept over my entire being.

So honey, sorry, I'll finish the basement......""someday.""

Great day for a ride, 62 miles of gravel travel.

I came across the terrible accident. I talked to an eyewitness who said that he never seen a car so high in the air. It doesn't make sense 4 people in the car, two 20ish, a 15 year old, and an older gentleman. What doesn't make sense a truck driver saw the car going 85 mph and from a hilltop above this accident. So he pulls his truck over and waits because he knows this car is headed for a crash. Sure enough, it flew through the air and rolled over several times. He thought everyone would have been killed but the car was a 4 door sedan BMW. So far everyone was taking out alive.

See below my daughter's FaceBook post this morning. For those of us that do this a.k.a. seek continuous endorphin buzz, injuries are worst then losing your job.

"is jealous of all of her friends out getting their long run in this morning. Injuries suck. Maybe next week?"

I woke up this morning with fluid build up in my knee. The knee that has had 4 surgeries. Last year when this happened I ended up with cortisone and getting the knee drained and 3-4 weeks with zilch bicycling.

So thought I would try to ride and see what happens. The ride was rough, a lot of strain riding with ruts and rocks, doesn't help with a sore knew. Well I might be forced to taking some time of the bike. It's sore swollen, and sucks tonight.
Maybe the smart thing will be to take some days off and see how it goes. I'll go nuts so I'll remodel the bedrooms that I have been putting off for a long long time.

Oh ended the day in the Mosh Pit, with hard rocking Johnny Trash.

Chill out,

Friday, August 27, 2010

Bikes spoken here

Seems wherever you go in my house there is something that says bicycling. We'll start on the front porch.

Here we have the quick ride, a beater bike, something you can hop on for a quick errand, or any short trips, town rides. This poor girl was an abandoned child, after it's owner had the rear wheel and tire stolen when he had the bike chained up, he trashed her. I rescued her, and put a replacement tire, wheel, and cassette on, and gave her a good home. I'm sure it saved my son's a few DUI's back in the day, cause they were smart enough to saddle up some nights instead of taking their car.

Walking through the living room is 4 slime tubes sitting on the coffee table, just arrived today, along with bicycling reading material. Also if you look in my DVD player there will be a bicycling related DVD. Now it is the great DVD, "The Great Divide" Bike shoes on the floor.

Now we enter the dining room. Here is where a lot of non biking spouses might have a problem. I have my Cycle Cross bike leaning against the dining room table. I want to get started early tomorrow, and I pack my bike ready to go. OH OH!!!! Do you see what I see?!?!?!? Yes, it's Creepy Baby watching us.

On the dining room wall is my 2'x3' framed poster of Lance. There is a tire pump over against the wall.

In the kitchen freezer are four bike bottles chill'n for tomorrow's ride. Energy bars on the kitchen counter.

Both bath rooms a.k.a. 'the reading library' are stocked with various bike magazines

The basement is full of bike stuff. I have two dressers dedicated for biking apparel. Riding 4 seasons in Iowa becomes quite challenging in the winter. The dressers have drawers labeled for ease of pick and choose.

Also down here is a bicycle chest full of bicycle tools and there is boxes of parts, labeled like tubes, tires, bike lights, etcetera.

When I finally flop over and quick ticking, if your a biker I recommend you head to my auction there is lots and lots of biking goodies.

Onto the back deck, and you some bike art by "squirrel" the man has tremendous passion for family, life, and bicycling. There are yesterday's ride bike shorts, sock, and jersey hanging on the clothsline.

In the garage is 6 bicycles, a bike stand, more bike parts, and bike tools

Well the best aspect of bicycling, bicycling. This weekend should bring a lot of that. Staying on the gravel roads for the weekend, expecting double metric centuries.

Tomorrow night is some heavy duty outdoor rock'n'roll. Johnny Trash Band, under the Town Clock.

Oh OH, the "boss" commented on my previous post. Finally the finish"

Ok I hope your day was a good day.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hi guys and girls.

Pleasure on the bike. Rode country side today. 62 miles on dirt and gravel. What a change in weather, started out with a windbreaker on. It was 51 degrees this morning. For the first time since June, I didn't stop for more fluids, my 104 ounces sufficed.

This will be my 57th fall season I've experienced, and I still say, I can't believe it's almost fall. One would think after the 57th reoccurance it shouldn't be a surprise.

Saw this rodent spinning around today on the trail, check out this video I made of this critter, it's wild.

Oh I must introduce you to the star of the show, "MrDaveyGie's Big Adventure" My previously kidnapped Trek 1220. "Those were the days my friends"

Trying to learn how to edit these film clips better. This is one of my routes out of town.

Ok gotta get some stuff done, thanks for stopping.



Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally the finish.

First, before I finish this never ending story, I want to say hello to Amber. She's a new visitor here. Now how do I know this? One might ask. Well, I overheard a conversation like this at work today. "My wife was reading Dave's blog, and she asks me, "What is wrong with that guy" Now I don't care who you are, that is funny. Now let me say this my daughter agrees with Amber and the more Creepy Baby shows up around here, the more concerned she is getting. He also said, she's gonna come back and read this blog. Craziness must have it's own sort of unusual attraction. So welcome Amber, leave a comment if you like, and ya'll come back now, please........

The Star of the Show. A.K.A. The kidnapped bike.

So I say to the man kneeling down next to MY bike, "That is my bike, how did you get it?"

He again tells me we are going to have to work something out.

So I say, "OK, OK, you give me the bike back, tell me how you got it, and I will not report your involvement to the police and we'll consider this 'worked out.'

He stands, walks over to me, and says "Give me your word, and give me a few minutes to talk to my downstairs neighbor, and we'll see"

I tell him again, you have my word, we shake hands, and he says I am John, and that seemed to seal the deal.

Seems he believed me, I would not break my word, to anyone, I think he felt OK with that.

He leaves me alone in his apartment and goes downstairs for 10 minutes apparently talking to his neighbor, and returns with his neighbor.

His neighbor is standing next to him, looking like a nervous punk, about the same look and size as a white, Prince, the musician. Wearing black shiny pants, and a open vest with no shirt on.

Standing right next to him in total obedience guard stance was the biggest Pit Bull I have ever seen. I knew what the deal was, that was his protection, it was clear there would be nothing occurring that would harm him and everybody in the room knew it.

John says to me, I bought this bike from William here, William deals in merchandise. William nods his head, and says he bought the bike from one of his dealers for 25 bucks, and the man's name was Brian _____.

OMG, my head explodes inside. Brian the fellow I raised more then his parents did. Brian was always welcomed in my house. Brian knew how much I loved bicycling, he stole and then sold my 1500 dollar bicycle or 25 bucks. Now I knew it was him who robbed me over and over and over again. It now all made sense.

Now I want out of here, I want my bike, I want to rip Brian apart.

I tell John, "You know Brian gave me the exact description of you riding my bike past my house"
John looks at the Prince look alike and says to him. "We are going to have to take care of Brian, him spreading shit like that"

I'm thinking, what is he talking about, is he talking about killing this kid, this is all out of my league.

John sees my look and says to me, "I see you don't like this, we'll make it light, no boots, no knifes"

It is time for me to go, get out of here, take my bike, leave.

As soon as I get home, I call Brian's parent's house, and ask for Brian, I tell Brian to meet me in my back yard NOW!! He says to me, "Are you going to kill me?" I knew then, he knew, I knew.

I tell him you admit to me you robbed me blind, and then we'll go over to your parents and you admit to them what you done, and that's the last you'll hear from me.

He refused, I started to drag him towards my car telling him let's go down to the cop shop. He says "OK, OK!!" I took your bike, big deal."

I say ok, now we'll go tell your parents, and then that is the last I ever want to see of you.

I, in my angered state, head across the alley and walk into his parents house before Brian is even following me. I walk into their living room and there sits the dad, and the 25 year old daughter. I tell them your son is a crook, he's been robbing me for the last year. The guy never says a word, just looks at me, and goes back to watching TV.

I stand there feeling surreal waiting for Brian.

Brian walks in 5 minutes later and says " Dad, don't believe what he says, he forced me to admit I was stealing from him." Brian looks at me and says, "Get the F#$% out of my house!!"

I tell him. "I'm not leaving until your dad says leave."

His dad looks up at me and says the first word I heard him speak, ever, and says "LEAVE"

Two days later, a young man, heavily tattooed pulls up to me on a scooter when I am cutting grass. He tells me, don't worry about Brian that he will be taking care of, and drives away.

Post thoughts and notes.

I approached Brian the next time I saw him on the street and he pulled a knife on me, I called him a coward and walked away.

I looked up John in the police records and he has over 50 court appearances for various crimes.

Brian 7 years later still isn't working, is still living with his parents and I never see him.

I talked to his grandparents who live across the street from me, and they told me Brian isn't allowed in their house because of all the stealing he has done to them also.

I still have that bike, haven't rode it this year, but I like to ride a century on it every year and dedicate the ride to thinking about right and wrong.

I now have motion sensor light around the outside, security locks on everything, doors and bikes especially.

I talked to the Police about Brian, they knew some of this that was going on. I didn't have enough evidence to take him to trial. The officer that came to my home told me if you see him hanging around anywhere near my house, call me on this Cell phone number, and if I am on duty I'll come up. He told me usually the cop car will make a person like Brian run, and that would give him the right to chase and search him.

On a happier note between Thursday and Sunday I have three days off, my plans are three gravel metric centuries in the dirt, my plans are lots of wonderful body and soul time. Seems riding on a bike gives way, way better thoughts then riding in a car does. Ride on......................

Oh and last but not least, Creepy Baby now has a sweet cute lil friend, lil Ms. Trinity...Melissa, my daughter says "dad that is soooooooo wrong....... "



Monday, August 23, 2010

MrDaveyGie's Big Adventure Part II

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure 1985 Movie

The plot revolves around Pee-Wee's prized bike, which is tragically stolen. After deciding that the police couldn't possibly help him in his endeavors, he "takes the law into his own hands" and sets out on a quest to find his bicycle.

I, being who I am, my personality character is 'go get em'. I climbed the steps went to the door of the apartment and knocked, and knocked harder, and waited for what was to come next. I was ready to get my bike back, I was ready to do battle if necessary.

Well, what happened next, was exactly NOTHING. No body showed up at the door. There was music playing in the apartment, windows were opened, door wasn't locked. I left a note, a note written without reason, to the apartment dwellers, saying I need to talk to you about my stolen bike, I think you have, and you call me at this number.

I went down to the apartment again the next day, note gone, nobody in sight.

The next day I got that phone call. It was the man's brother, he shared with me about his brother the one I suspected. He told me his brother was mentally handicapped, he assured me his brother would never steal from anyone, he said his brother was there and wanted to talk to me, it was one of those moments where one realizes I jumped the gun, accused an innocent man of something he didn't do.

In a slow speech the falsely accused began to share with me how sorry he was, how he was bicycler too, didn't have a car. He offered share his bicycle with me until I was able to have my own again.

I felt sorry for my actions, and told him so.

Seems I wasn't getting my bike back. Seems I'm going to give up trying.

6 weeks later on a Saturday again, Parrish phones me. Tells me the guy is back in his shop again, not with my bike but with just my rims and wanting to know what Parrish would give him for them. Seems this crook was dumber then a box of rocks. Parrish had him cornered, and asked me to work something out, said the guy was wanting to resolve this issue and would talk to me.

So we meet over the phone for the first time. The chemistry of anger took over my reason and I told him, "YOU STOLE MY BIKE"

He told me I didn't know that for sure, and he would have to work something out and wanted to know where I lived. I did not believe him for a minute, I motioned to my current girl friend at that time who was standing next to me and understood the situation to call the cops. All the while I was convinced I was talking to the man who went through every room in my house and picked out of my possessions what he wanted.

I tried to stall this guy, keep him on the phone, waiting for a Cop from the Cop Shop that was just blocks from the bike shop that I thought was on the way.

The man on the other end of the phone asked me for my address, wrote it down and said he would come to my house and we would resolve this. I didn't believe he would show up and told him so, and he let me know he didn't care what I thought, and we needed to resolve this. I was hoping the cops would hurry up and get there.

He sensed this, and hung up. My gf had all ready jumped in her car and headed to the Bike Shop.

I next jumped in my car and headed to the same. As I was pulling up the police were walking out, they told me the sameo, they would keep an eye out. The guy was gone. I thought I just blew my one and only chance.

I asked Parrish if he seen my gf and he said she left, said she said she was going to try and find this guy. A bit gutsy, but that she was.

I went home decided it is over, said to myself the bike is gone probably not coming back for the first time.

Just got home, and phone rings, it's the gf, she says drove past the guy carrying my rims, pulled up and asked him where he was going, he told her he was going to visit me later, had my address, and would be up.


But I could do nothing else but wait. Two hours later he shows up. Walking.

Tall he was. 6 foot 4" perhaps, wearing just cut off jean shorts, tennis shoes and no shirt. I'm now standing on my front porch, he steps over my railing crouches down, and taps on a pack of cigarettes and lights one up.

He tells me we need to figure out how we are going to handle this. I don't quite understand I tell him, I just want my bike back, and I want to know how you got my bike.

He tells me if I am going to the cops he needs three days advance notice, it wasn't a request from his point of view, it was how it was going to be.

After awhile of getting no where he says lets go down to my apartment, and see about working something out. I wasn't sure what exactly the issue was, but I needed to know who has been robbing me, and also wanted my bike back.

So we both get in my car, he not saying anything and just staring out the window. I realize this doesn't smell right. I tell him I don't know you, we need to resolve this outside, I'm not going in your apartment with you. He just says "OK"

He directs me to his downtown apartment, I pull up, he gets out of my car, not saying a word, walks into his apartment and shuts the door. So there I sit in my car. So I figure what the heck, I went this far, I might as I might as well keep going. I climb the stairs to his apartment door, knock a couple of times on his door, with no answer, and proceed to let myself in.

There it was, straight ahead of me leaning against the wall was my bike, in the front room, along with three other bikes leaning against the walls, I walked into a criminal's den. This guy was on his knees next to my bike, removing parts........Here we go I think to myself... be continued....I promise you, the III and FINAL......part.

Oh and yes I've been bike riding about town. Tomorrow my CX bike is going to become a celebrity. My company I work for, Alliant Energy...wants to take a picture of me and the bike and put in their 8,500 employees News Letter. Due to the United Way pledges I got for employees for miles ridden on my bike.

Lock your bikes, some wouldn't think twice of taking it from you.

MrDaveyGie's Big Adventure Part 1

The plot revolves around Pee-Wee's prized bike, which is tragically stolen. After deciding that the police couldn't possibly help him in his endeavors, he "takes the law into his own hands" and sets out on a quest to find his bicycle.

My stolen bike.

It was June 2003, I had been divorced for over a year now, raising two teen boys Caleb and Joshua, 15 and 16 years of age.

Our house was the "hangout" every night the teens would chill out here, there was a trampoline in the back yard, a basketball hoop, and a bunch of kids
Seems crazy when I think back now, but I think I was crazy after years of trying to battle with the demons of alcoholism and drug addictions that resulted in a spouse going to multiple rehabs, and jail times and finally divorce and me being a father and a mother in a house full of my teens and other's teens. Melissa my oldest had left in the peak of madness for college, and stayed away for good reason at that time, and immersed herself into a Chemical Engineering degree.

I immersed myself too, into bicycling, it was my therapy, after work, every night, I would ride, and ride like the wind I would. After talking to my friend, bicycle shop owner Parrish, I upgraded to a 1220 Trek, and added upper end wheels. Money was tight then, being a single parent, paying off a large divorce settlement, and 5 years of support alimony that the judge thought would be best. I bought a bike above my current means, but I needed too.

This bicycle became my best friend.

Soon with such social activity in my house, items began to go missing. I didn't always know who was here, or what son had who here, kids would sleep over and that's the way it was. Who was taking my stuff began to really concern me. I was friends, and in many ways a dad to the teens that hung out here and more and more items were vanishing. Everything from X-Box, games, shoes, belt, wrist watch, money, nothing was safe. It was a feeling of being violated as personal items one after another disappeared.

Well, I still had my bike, so I thought. Ready to ride, after work, walked into my garage, and my bike was GONE!!! ALL GONE!!!! NOT THERE.


Over the next few weeks one at a time I would begin to suspect various kids that were hanging out here. It would build up inside of me, until I would challenge them, have you been stealing from me? Brian, the oldest of the group, hung out here since he was 4 and was now 21 older then the rest of crowd. Seems he was a bit lost, I felt sorry for him, attending Alternative Education for most of his grade school and high school education. His parents didn't seem to be interested where he was, or what he was doing from his younger years till now. I did, helped him out when I could, gave him rides, he helped himself to food as one of my boys.

He was going to set up watch, and help me catch the crook.

One day he phoned me at work and said he saw my bike, that there was a man, 30ish, tall, thin and riding past my garage . Looked like he was staking the place out for more.

My blood pressure went sky high. I wanted capture. It was more then thievery to me, somebody had gone through this house over several months and systematically robbed my household.

It was now July, Saturday afternoon, and Parrish phones me. He says "Dave your bike is in my shop, a man just walked it in looking for repair parts with your bike"

Parrish knew it was my bike with the non standard rims on it that I bought from him.

Parrish told him to wait that he thought the bike was stolen property and wanted to phone me to come look at it. Parrish told him that he recognized the rims that they were over $300.00. Surprisely the man said ok, and was amazed that rims could cost so much, and that's when Parrish phoned.

Next thing Parrish says to me is, "He just left" "He's gone"

I jumped in my car and headed to Bicycle World, Parrish's shop and circled the place a couple of times, drove up and down the streets looking for the crook that had robbed me of about everything.

No where in sight. I next talk to Parrish, ask him what he looked like. Parrish said he looked street rough, like a downtowner, 30ish, very tall, and thin, Brian was right.

Monday after work I spent looking around downtown, I talked to police on bikes, I talked to a mailman I saw in the area, asked him if knew a bike rider that matched the crook's description.

Lo and behold, YES he did. He pointed to the 3rd floor apartment where the man lived.

I was happy, close to finding out how everything from belts to bike ended up missing from my home.

I, being who I am, my personality character is 'go get em'. I climbed the steps went to the door of the apartment and knocked, and knocked harder, and waited for what was to come next. I was ready to get my bike back, I was ready to do battle if necessary. be continued.....
Guard your bikes, someone else would like to have em

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creeeeeepy Baby

Getting ready to head out, and look who climbed on top of my bike!!!! Creepy Baby. I told her no way, you ain't going.

Well as you can see who won that one. I think she heard about Bud at the DQ and got jealous. Was a hot day again. Packing 4 water bottles and stopping for more. Tried this different location to mount the two water bottles in back. Worked well. Hopefully soon the weather will change to the 2 water bottles trips.

Rode the gravel for another dirt metric Century today. Didn't fly like I did yesterday, but stayed on the pace for the most part. Saw very few other riders today. Here's a film clip of part of today's ride. Well I think it's time for Dairy Queen.

Well thanks for stopping.



Saturday, August 21, 2010

Metric Gravel Century #56

An actual conversation heard in a Dubuque household this morning.

Birgit, my honey, asks, "Are you going on a long ride today? (meaning 100 miles plus)

Dave replies, "Nope, just 62, getting too late to bang out a long one."

Birgit responds, "Late?" "It's not even 9:00 a.m. yet!!!"

My mama always would tell me, "Your fortunate Dave, Birgit never complains about your biking." I didn't want to be out all day, had things I wanted to get done so did gravel metric #56 today for 2010.

Right off the bat I realized I was holding high heart rates, fairly painlessly. That either meant I was going to have a coronary thrombosis, or I was loaded with energy and ready to fly. Fortunately, it was the 2nd of the two.

However I must admit my riding from Monday to Friday this past week had two off days in it. Seems that had all my cells ready to rumble and convert carbon into CO2 and make the bike fly. One of the days bikers live for.

Ran into bunches of other bikers today, helped me keep the pace up. It was fun.

Riding through town, saw this house getting tore down. This home was built in 1890, if walls could talk, there would a million stories, about life, family, hardships and triumphs.

Saw this guy lounging in the road, I scooted him into the woods. I didn't want him to get run over. I reckoned he would have done the same for me if he could.

31 miles from home, in a small town park I noticed my rear tire was going flat. I ride with the Slime, so my hope was the leak would seal up. I pumped air back in, and she held. So thank you Green Slime.

Hot and humid today, these cows were enjoying shade and water, and were thinking "humans, are crazy, get out of the heat man, and off the bike!!

A lot of the route is rough, I'm beating my CX non suspension bike riding here, gets a little sporting at times weaving in and out of the flood damage ruts.

Wellllllllll, some might say this is crazy but my bike is leaning against the dining room table, cleaned, tuned and lubed and ready to go in the morning.

Thanks for stopping,
Leave a comment if you feel, I enjoy your thoughts.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Basics

The Basics, today. Work, Ride, Eat, Sleep.
However I am about ready to bust loose and get one of those rides in that leave you totally buzzed afterwards. I got that itch'n under my skin. One more day of work, and hopefully a work free weekend, and get a bunch of country gravel in.

Saw these turkeys peeking at me tonight when I rode by.

Dam it on the Mississippi view from the park.

Oh and look lil poochy waits my return.

Over and Out


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Just a ride"

I think for anyone who loves bicycling like many of us do, there is never such a thing as "just a ride." It would be equivalent to a parachuter saying that was "just a jump", or a bungee cord jumper, or a scuba diver in the coral reef saying the same thing. It's an oxymoron. Good feelings, come with the ride. Tonight I didn't have much throttle in me, so I pedaled light, was outdoors, observed a lot of things, day dreamed, and listened to good tunes.

Saw these billion ants all in a frenzy crawling around, I don't know what the scurry was all about. I think they were all dancing, must have been a good concert.

I have 55 of my goal of 100 dirt metric centuries in for the year. I'm not sure if I will have the time to make it or not. That's ok, knew that from the get-go that the challenge would be finding the time, and not pedaling the distance. The next 2 weeks getting time off work won't probably happen. October is also a busy month. So we'll just have to wait and see.
The weekend is looking promising for cranking out the mileage.