Sunday, July 4, 2010

A surprise visitor, a dog bite, and the rain is coming.

Oh look, a surprise visitor was on my couch this morning. My oldest son Josh, napp'n with the Pit Bull. Hmmm no vehicle here, there must be a story here.

Well I gotta get on the bike, storms are coming.

Talk to you later.

Ahhh yes, another Gravel grinder. Didn't take time to make some trail snacks and just packed the store variety. The difference between store bought and home made is adding peanut butter and honey to the Granola bars. Saw the "middleless" person wearing cheap sun glasses and a vintage Tour De France hat today.

I am starting to think it is better not to check the weather forecast. I mean I would like to know if a tornado is coming and going to deposit me in another county. But it seems with this kind of heat and humidity there is always storms coming and might make one tend not to saddle up.

Good grief, there was no stopping out here with the warm weather and all the rain the Squitoes were terrible. Stopping would only cause them to cluster all over you out here in brush country.

NOTE TO DOG OWNERS: Control your dogs, 5 dogs and three people headed towards me, none of the dogs on a leash which is trail rules. All dogs started to run towards me, with no owner's trying to control them. One of the dogs turns to me and bites. Fortunately it was on the shoe toe and no blood. I could go on and on about this. One of my "PET" peeves. I would prefer not to have a calf muscle removed this year as a result of dog owners not taking care of business.

I was 25 miles out and got to the top of a hill and the horizon had this black blue color to it with winds blowing hard. So using wisdom for once, I turned around at that point. The wind blew me home, but never did get hit by a storm. So only having 50 miles in I went back out and did 12 miles to make my Metric Century goals.

I should send an apology to all those that made pledges to the United Way based on my cycling mileage, I have been really pounding them out lately. Legs are toasted tonight, but hoping for enough recovery to do er again tomorrow.

When I got home I made my favorite energy bar snack Granola bars with Peanut Nuttie and honey.

Oh and took a little ride later along the river to check out the 4th of July events. Made this video, problem is I had the camera backwards first and then accidentally shut if off. To bad because I surprised some giant Blue Herons just lurking around.

Ride on, thanks for visiting.



tainterturtles said...

What a funny pic! Hope you beat the storms today.

Steph said...

I've heard lots of stories this past week about bike incidents with people and "leashed" dogs!

also.. Nature Valley- oats n honey = my fav.