Sunday, August 1, 2010

Riding country.

  1. Last night at the RAGBRAI outdoor music, I saw another biker I know sitting off to the side and in front of me. He is Dubuque's money man, the County Treasurer. We know each other to chat because we both ride bikes allot. What I noticed about him was he had both knees and elbows healing and scarred. He walked over to me later and in the course of our conversation he said, "You don't always wear a helmet do you? I said, umm welll, ahhh, on pavement I do." Made me think of what Judge Judy would say, the answer would be either Yes, or No.

    Then he told me what happened to him riding through Eagle Point Park, one of my regular rides. He came around a bend doing about 18 mph, and under a mulberry tree which had dropped a lot of berries on the pavement, and the bike went out from under him, sliding in mulberry grease. He bounced and skidded to a stop, his helmet saved him from becoming a mulberry. He lifted up his t-shirt and there was a lump bigger then a softball sticking out of his hip. The accident was last June and that was still swollen from a hematosis. Ouch!!

    I got in a good hard warm and humid metric Century in the gravel today. #51 for the year. There are places on the trail still heavily damaged from the rain wash out. Makes for the tactful slow riding, in and out of ruts. I biffed once, was following a rut, going slow, and my bottom bracket bottomed out on a rock and tipped over I go, bang on the elbow, part of the territory.

    Meet Mr. Moon Mullen. He was riding home from a week of RAGBRAI and 450 miles of pedaling. Maybe he rode to the start, I didn't ask and he didn't say. He dropped down on the trail and was going to jump on pavement in the town of Farley Iowa. He said it would be a long ride today, I mapquested it and it was about 110 mile ride today, after riding all week on RAGBRAI. Such a true spirit of bicycling he represented. His gear looked like he rode totally self supported, he even carried a ukelele or maybe it was a banjo, that was sticking out of his side panniers. He said he was tired, and he was holding me back, so we parted ways, was nice meeting you sir.

    Saw this dog swimming in the creek and loving it. His owner was out there floating around too. Staying cool.

    Ya just can't beat a summer weekend of bike riding. Hosed down the bike, air blasted and relubed, ready for the next run, can't wait, it is where thoughts always feel good.
    Ride on.


tainterturtles said...

I always enjoy meeting other cyclists out there on the road. Sounds like an interesting guy.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's nice to talk to the sisters and brotherss out there, much like we do on our blogs.

Bill G said...

wow that guy was a trooper!

And please always wear your helmet!!!!

Have a great week

dawn marie giegerich said...

Hi Dave. This is a test.