Thursday, March 11, 2010

Winter left Iowa today :-)

Warmest day in Dubuque today since last Nov 10th 2009. It's been a long winter, but I think Winter left today. It was no match for the longer days of sunlight. Shorts and fingerless gloves. First time for that in a long time. For some reason I think that made me ride faster. Or maybe I just felt faster. Rode around town after work until the sun went down.

Old man river, the Mississippi. I did some laps around this area, just because I was digg'n the view.
Plans are to do some long rides this weekend. Hopefully in the country. I hear weather rumors of rain, followed by more rain. I can ride rain, would like to have better rain gear, will look into that. It seems that riding in the rain sooner or later you still get soaked to the bone no matter what you are wearing. The trails will be a mix of mud, snow and ice.
Saw other riders out tonight. Haven't seen much of that for most the winter. Some in blue jeans enjoying the nice day and riding easy, and the "serious bikers" with spandex and neon yellow and helmets. Distinct differences easily recognizable. I sometimes get this "secret race" thing going when I get along side other riders. Oh man, and his ego. I start to up the pace, and when they follow with the same, the fun starts. I pretend that going 20 mph and breathing through my nose in normal. In actuality I am dying and going to explode in 60 seconds or less. When the younger,well trained rider starts to pull away or a.k.a. kick my almost 57 year old butt, I realize that who ever said "age is just a number" ain't been old yet. But I give them a good run. At least I tell myself that. :-), and check my heart monitor to see if I hit a all time high.
Well glad you stopped in, and hope you had a good day, if not hope you begin steps to change that.


Dan O said...

Here in Seattle on the bike trails - or on the road- the "secret race" thing occurs often.

Sometimes I play, sometimes I don't care. It can be fun though.

If I was actually fast, would cruise the popular trails riding a beater bike with jeans and sneakers - then crush wannabe racers. Heh, heh....

MrDaveyGie said...

That would rock, actually being fast and wearing jeans and sneakers. And leaving em all in the dust. Well, maybe in my next life.

MrDaveyGie said...

That would rock, actually being fast and wearing jeans and sneakers. And leaving em all in the dust. Well, maybe in my next life.

tainterturtles said... hubby does the same thing! It must be a man thing, because I never get the urge to do that. I can't tell you how many times I'm out riding with my man and then all of a sudden he see another bike rider and picks up the pace, while I'm struggling (breaking hard) to catch up. I just shake my head.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I don't think it's just the guys Lisa. The ladies I ride with really like to dish it out.

Shorts! Must be warm down there in the banana belt.

mrbill said...

Allright Dave is showing some skin, good for you, glad the weather is improving.
I personally like to get with some slower riders and push em, it's good for my Ego.
Great pic of the river, looks like a nice place to ride.

Steph said...

Pavement!!! :)