Friday, March 12, 2010

Rainy days and Saturday

I sprayed water proofer on my rain pants, and jacket tonight. Will see if that will help keep the rain from eventually soaking me to the bone. Forecast is for a bunch of rain tomorrow. I want to get out and ride down gravel roads and explore the back roads in northeast Iowa tomorrow. I have a waterproof cap that fits over my helmet, and I'll wear a ball cap under my helmet to keep rain from pounding on my eyes.
The "mule" is ready to ride, my Trek 1600. I am leaving the Studs on. Thinking the valleys will still have ice packed on the trails. If not, it just means I got a better workout cranking the studs.
I'll have good music in my ears, and think about a million things. There is nothing else I'd rather be doing. Peculiar? Some would ask. Perhaps. But none the less I wouldn't change a thing. I am grateful I have the opportunity to do this.
Also I want to clean up from the Triple D race last January I was in. There are markers and orange warnings still up. Lance A. asked me if I would clean that stuff up, I will be glad to do it. I think it's good for all us bikers to do things that help give bicycling a positive image to the community.
OK that's it I have no more ramblings, have good dreams and good night.


Dan O said...

Have a good rain ride. Post some pics.

Bill G said...

Getting ready for a rain ride in Western New York as well!

Enjoy and be careful!