Saturday, March 27, 2010

I tried to get help

Yes, I asked, for someone to take my camera away. Nobody did. So I was out filming again. Slow getting started today. Feeling sluggish. Finally on the saddle at 10:00. Riding CycleX headed out of town, on trails and gravel. Spent some time riding the MotorX trails hoppppping some jumps. Still crazy after all these years. Rode 35 miles out and turned around. The wind was furious on the way back, standing on the pedals at times going 9 mph. It felt like I was riding through molasses 12 inches thick.
I made a video of me going 10 miles in one minute. Yes I know hard to believe, that is why I filmed it for proof. The other film is for my daughter Melissa, the nerve of her, she said that film of me riding MotorX trails couldn't be me, I mean, good grief, your 57 years old dad. So here is proof.
Ok I am going to surf the net for a real helmet cam. There is no turning back now. Video express I am. I am LQQKing for some zest tomorrow, and ride. Ok ok, I promise, no filming tomorrow.
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Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I believe you.

tainterturtles said...

Ok Melissa, you better believe your dad....he's a crazy man on wheels, hee, hee!

I love the out and back clip

Bill G said...

Cool - that is awesome - I want one :)