Saturday, March 13, 2010

A dirt century today.

I was so prepared for rain, based on the forecast, that when it didn't rain, I was disappointed. Sometimes riding the rain can be fun if your dressed right you feel like your in your own little bubble. Brings on introspective thoughts. Like when you walk in a rain storm at night with a good umbrella.

The mud was something else, this is a the approach to a new bridge just finished last December that was destroyed in the floods of 2008. No gravel was put down yet, I had to walk through this for a 100 feet mud was so thick I had to carry my bike it would not roll in this muck.

Horsie looking at my mule. Rode the fat bike, was hard work, the fat studded knobbies behaved like suction cups in the soft lime and dirt roads. Did a metric century today, took 8 hours with the soft, soggy, sticky road conditions.

Doesn't this look like a creature crawling out of the rock wall or at turtle with one eye. This is a tree knob growing out of a cliff side.

Gravel roads were the best travel. Gravel was hard packed and made for faster travel then the muddy bike trails.

You don't see any ice in town, but there were plenty of stretches of ice in the valley areas. Studded tires handled the ice well, without them, most likely I would have biffed.

Here is a 4 wheeler path, was quite a variety of riding today. Had to hose me and the bike down when I got home. Zonked now, and experiencing a eating frenzy. My rule of thumb generally goes like this, what every calories I burn up on a ride, I eat double that amount.
Had a great time riding countryside today. Not sure what and where I'll ride tomorrow. Maybe pavement. I just know it will be somewhere.
Well thanks for stopping in. Hope you got to do something you like to do also today.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Glad you got out. Way to plow through that mud and snow.
Advil is a miracle drug.

tainterturtles said...

Good ride today. When I saw that mud, I just shook my are a brave man. 8 hours of riding in those conditions is amazing.

Steph said...

I had to stare at that tree-knob pic for awhile.. pretty cool :)