Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mc'Ride The "Mc" is not Irish, it stands for metric century

Headed out in the fog at 9:00 this morning. Seat was not feeling right so at 5 miles out I decided to get off bike and make an adjustment. I changed seats yesterday, and was sitting differently. No problem I always carry a multi tool on country rides. I couldn't find it. Back to the house, found multi tool, made seat adjustment and headed out again. Felt a little sluggish, I could tell by my heart rate I was not working real hard. Psychologically I didn't have zip. so I thought I'll just keep a steady pace. Put some base miles in. Trail was in pretty good shape bike was riding well.

Trail was dry enough here, to ride easily.

I think this tree has a bad tumor.

Here the gravel was loose and soft, was hard to pedal through it. After about 40 miles, I got my mojo back. Picked up the pace, put my head down, grabbed the drops and started to work. I heard a dog barking, looked in that direction and saw a farm dog coming at me. I hollered loud and the dog slowed down, but kept advancing on me. I got off the bike and kept the bike between me and the barking dog. The dog started to get braver and moving closer to me. I brought out my secret weapon. I brought along for times like this. A dog biscuit, and threw it at him, he sniffed it for a bit, while I started pedaling away, mission accomplished. Rode perhaps 70 miles, on gravel and dirt. Odometer said 62 miles, but it also quit working several times, it has a bad connect and I would wiggle to reestablish the connection. Beautiful day, perfect riding conditions, gimme more, gimme more.
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tainterturtles said...

Sounds like a good day of riding....lucky duck!

A dog biscuit? How about one of those bacon treats for dogs? Dogs cause me anxiety while riding!!!!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You picked a good day to put in a MC.

Travel Gravel said...

Won't be long I'll have a chance to ride some good old gravel! I went to a prairie area with my boys Tuesday and just driving the gravel was a challenge for my Volvo. It is really soft out there right now. Keep on!

Bill G said...

Great job! MC is not irish Metric Century - too funny!

Dan O said...

Nice long ride - especially this early in the season.

I guess if you were hungry enough - could eat some of the dog biscuits yourself. I've been on rides where that might have not been a bad idea....