Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another day of playing in the dirt.

Doing the 62 miler metric century in the dirt again today. That makes #7 for the year so far for the "Cup-O-Dirt" challenge. Pushed the pace wanted to burn the legs some. It never warmed up like the weather man told me it was gonna. I was dressed a little light, very light wool tights, light Merino upper and a wind breaker, the wind was vicious and chilling. I was out in open field from mile 15 to mile 45 so the wind had it's way with me. Left knee is swelled up a bit. It'll learn to come along with the rest of my body parts or I'll leave it at home. :-) Back to Monday Friday work cycle, why can't I just win the lottery?

Here is a fort the motorbikers built out on their trails. My son Caleb being one of them.

I think this guy has enough wood for heating. Actually it is a lumber mill in Graf Iowa.
So that's all folks.
Thanks for stopping have a good week.


tainterturtles said...

Glad you rode today, I wimped out because of the cold wind.

Liked your photos today.

Bill G said...

When you win remember your TransIowa brother ok? - LOL

Cool picture at the saw mill -that is some stack of wood!

Have a great week and keep the movies and photos coming!