Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dew IT!!

Stopping to do the dew. Had fun riding up and down hills. I have this 5 mile loop in my neighborhood that I like to ride 5 loops as hard as I can when I feel the energy. This "ride" is either climbing up a hill or going down a hill. I pushed each hill climb until my legs felt like they were going to burst, then I would catch up on Oxygen on the downside of the hill. Tried to time and pace each hill climb just right so when I got to the top there was no more left. Good rock&roll playing in my ear helped to create the endorphin rush. Was on my light weight road bike, with the skinnie tires. A bike that fits me just right. It was supposed to rain most the day, but I never felt a drop. Loved it.
Stopped up to visit ma and pa after the ride. My brother Mark and wife Sherry from Florida are staying there and helping out for now. They put a bid on a house in this county with 7 acres, decks, woods, out buildings. Beautiful. So if he gets it looks like he will be back in Dubuque. I hope he does. He will do his contractor business here in Dubuque, and his boys are running the business back in Florida.
So thank you for stopping I hope your day was a good one for you.


tainterturtles said...

You lucked out, the rain headed into MN & WI. Those hill climbs are good for the quads.

Having family arouond is always good. Hope ma & pa are doing well.

The only time I drink the Dew is when I'm on a bicycle trip. It helps on those long 8-10 hr days.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Hills! Can't live with'em....pass the beer nuts.