Monday, March 15, 2010

Views from a bicycle

Came home from work tonight feeling exhausted. Fell into a deep comatose state on the couch. You know those ones where you wake up and your face is distorted. Like a permanent dent in you cheek, couch impressions molded on your forehead. You feel close to death and can't wake up very well. So I thought I should take a day off from biking. I drank a half a cup of coffee and ate a granola bar, and said "get er done" Got my biking garb on, grabbed my IPOD and camera and saddled up.

Off into the park and river front areas I rode. Loved it. Had pretty good power considering the conditions I left in. I get this debate going between my mind and body. They don't always agree if a ride should take place. Daylight savings time kept the sun up a extra hour, I needed that after my unconscious condition that occurred on the couch.

I grow these giant sun flowers every year. They get about 12 feet tall and have a flower almost as big as a garbage can lid. They grow up over the deck and peak at us. I used to pick em and clean em, and soak em in salt water and then bake em. Now I let the birds have at em.
Ok I still want to remove my studded tires on my cyclecross and put on the Racing Ralphs, plans are to ride lots of trail Wednesday for hour and hours, because I have the day off. :-)
Thanks for stopping in and good night.