Sunday, March 14, 2010

35 Miles of road riding.

Got a late start on the bike today, I have a lot of stuff to do around the house and was hard to pull away to do what I've long ago decided was necessary, a bike ride. I've learned that to be who I am, feel good about life, and myself I need to take the time and enjoy some endorphins. It's the discipline I demand of myself. I've never done this for health reasons, I'm glad that occurs with pushing yourself, I do it, because I enjoy.

Stayed on pavement rode 35 miles, tried to push myself for all of it. I'm fried now, I hit it hard this weekend. When I walk up the stairs it feels like I have an extra 100lbs on my back. Just might have to take a rest day tomorrow, won't plan it that way, but will wait and see.

Everybody and their brother was out today. I had to practice my social skills with all the head nods as I passed dozens of bikers going the opposite way I was.

Cleaned up the mule, my winter riding machine, I think she's done for the season, she has done me well, we've rode a lot of ice, snow, and cold together this winter. We'll hook up again come December.

Tomorrow will come early with the daylight savings time change.

Peace and happy thoughts to you.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I've learned that to be who I am, feel good about life, and myself...


Bill G said...

x2 on the above statement :)