Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sailing away

Did my route I ride on work days tonight's, was happy with the zip I had in spite of my Mc'Ride yesterday. I ran into John, and his amazing invention. He came into town to work for IBM, said he has other patents from inventions he's developed for other people, this one he said was for him. This sail bike could move amazingly well. If he was moving directly into the wind the sail would be perfectly parallel with the wind and offer very little resistance. Any wind from the side or back would greatly assist the forward motion. He said one time when the wind was right he 'sailed' 120 miles without pedaling. John was really nice to talk with and a promoter of bicycling in general. I will see him out there again. There is "Road Warrior" Ken on his bicycle, he is quite active in promoting bicycling and organizing group rides with Dubuque Bicycle Club. Which I am a member of and also Chain Reaction. Which reminds me I need to send my membership in for 2010 renewal.
Well hope your day had some fun in it too, and thanks for stopping in.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I like that sail bike. That's got potential.

tainterturtles said...

Very cool....nice photos. Love the sail.

Dan O said...

That sail bike reminds me a bit of the ice boats I'd see on frozen lakes back east when I was a kid.

Picture sail bike with three ice skates instead of wheels and you get the idea. I'm sure they exist in the midwest as well.

Now, 30+ years later the lake I used to see 'em on doesn't freeze enough in the winter to use 'em much - if at all.