Thursday, March 4, 2010

What a day on a bike. Started out riding around town and then headed to ride the rail to trail paths, shortly after riding out of town I realized I had forgotten to bring any food along. When I ride for 8 hours or so, I know I'll need some 'fuel' or I'll bonk. So instead of turning around I thought I'll ride to Dyersville and chow down there. That would make my ride today with my town riding a full century. That sounded like a good idea until the temps warmed up and the trail turned to slush and mud. Riding was going fine when things were frozen and I could ride on top of the snow. But as you can see from the first picture riding got real tough, down to 4 to 5 mph and busting through ice, sinking in mud, and going nowhere fast. I had over three hours in and was still 15 miles away from any town, plus I had brought along 80 ounces of fluids and had only about 10 ounces left. I couldn't just turn around now, it would be to far to go without drink.

Nothing but more muck and mud ahead of me. This trail follows a river valley. I didn't have a map, but thought I am going to take the next gravel road and head out of the valley, out of the mud, and better riding conditions. Going to see if I can ride county roads out of this mess. I realized I should pack a map and not guess what way to go.

Climbed a long gravel hill, and when I got to the top I could see for miles, and could see water towers from three different towns. I was now on a paved road, narrow and not meant for bikes to share with the cars going by 60 mph. I fueled up on carbs at the gas station. Then back on the road, riding pavement with fat tired studded mountain bike. Cars whizzing by, made me think this is nuts. I tried to ride off the pavement on the gravel edge but my tires would sink into the mud and moving forward became slow motion.

This critter had a run in with one of those metal boxes on wheels buzzing by me that I wanted to avoid. Picture below of Amp pop, and pop tarts filling my gas tank.

Kept riding along the edge of paved county roads headed in the direction of home. Studded snow tires noisy on pavement. Cars and trucks were way to close for comfort. Made it home, safe and sound, and full of mud. Food and a couple beers are next on the list. Hope your day was good, thanks for stopping, over and out.
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tainterturtles said...

No food? I think I would have been crying after several hours. What a ride today. I'm glad it turned out good. You deserve a big dinner with several barley beverages!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Tough day on the bike, although, there really isn't such a thing, is there?