Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Was able to take the day off work and bike Metric Century in the dirt. I still have one more day to use up from last year's vacation. :-). I mounted my camera on the handle bars and taped this little video of me leaving town. I'm having fun filming, look out Steven Spielberg.

My bosses, boss asked me the other day what my goals were for this year. He was referring to bicycling goals. Last year he stayed tuned to my 52 dirt centuries goal. So he got me thinking. Seems in all the sports I've been involved in, setting goals and going after them have played a big part in my participation of that sport. Running, powerlifting, long distance swimming, all had specific goals and time lines.

So whatz are my specific goals for this year. I'm not sure. I do have goal #1, see below, as a generalized goal, and goal #2 as a specific goal.

Goal #1. Ride a bicycle as many miles as I can this year.

Goal #2. More important then goal #1. Do not let bicycling interfere with my relationships with those close to me. My "inner circle" my mate, children, and immediate family. That being said, all those mentioned above let this old guy go out and bicycle all he wants with no complaints.

Now, I gotta think about specific goals.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Liked the video ... a little worried about your priorities though. ;)

tainterturtles said...

Like the video clips. As for your goal list, you are being a wise man, husband, dad, grandpa & friend.

Steph said...

always love your pics-- now ya got vids! cool!

Bill G said...

I like both goals. God/Family/Bike in that order. He wants us to be happy/They should want us to be happy/It makes us happy :)

I am getting a camera now :)

Anonymous said...

What camera are you using? Technically, are you on a road or tail? Looks good to me!