Friday, October 29, 2010

"well why don't you ride Friday?"


That's what she said to me, "Why don't you ride Friday" Birgit said that. After I missed my ride on Tuesday. I had Friday scheduled as a rest day. So now with riding today, Friday I have in 9 days I want to ride 7 gravel metric centuries. We'll see. All body parts are going to have to be in agreement and come along for the ride.

I took a half day off work today, to give me time for a gravel metric ride. I was maintaining a good pace, Had about 40 miles in, and then the "feeling" struck. That feeling every biker knows, when your rear tire is not staying on track. Weaving about. I looked back at my tire and I suspected it was going flat, and I said the "F" word, yes I did, said 'fudge' out loud. Only the critters and Gnomes heard me, more on the Gnomes later. I don't think Slime works that well with tubes.

So, it was going to get dark soon, I needed to fix this flat and get back on the bike. Decided to replace the tube and not try to patch. After the tire and new tube were in place I tried to inflate, I realize now that my air pump check valve wasn't working, every pump in, would leak back out on the retract. With no cell phone service, and 20 miles from home, I wasn't liking this. Tire pump started half working. Tire inflated good enuf, and back on the ride I was.

It was dark by the time I got home, bike lights let me finish the ride.

Now one more thing, look very close at this picture. DO YOU SEE WHAT I SEE????

Ok still don't see, let me magnify this photo.

There now you see. They are out there let me tell you. I know my creditability is a bit tarnished with my admitting a previous Blog hoax. But these Gnomes are real. Gnomes are out there.

Ok it's actually Saturday morning, and I got a bike to get ready...and get out the door.




Bill G said...

You are crazy!!!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

You think there's a connection between the gnome and your flat tire?

dawn marie giegerich said...
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dawn marie giegerich said...

Well, they do have pointy hats.