Sunday, October 31, 2010


Legs were rotating the pedals, ears were listening to music, and eyes were viewing countryside, and the mind was free to roam. Felt like I was in my own encapsulated world viewing the surroundings. My head cold is still mess'n with my head, trying to zonk me out.
Was 37 F when I started the ride, requiring clothing that can be removed in layers as temps warmed up. Seen very few people, I'm always glad to see BiLLy O, when I reach my turnaround point in the town of Dyersville. Always a friendly hello from him. He was headed home coming from the mart in his electric chariot with a sandwitch in his basket. We had to cut it short his battery indicator was saying "Billy get home, before you can't" Billy's legs don't work right, and his speech is hard to understand until you learn to listen better, but everytime I've seen him he has a friendly smile and a big hello. I like Billy.

Stopped and had cold Pizza at the Cement Slab Cafe, was good, but I had to eat and run with 35 miles left on my ride.

Afterwards had to help son Joshua with his car, visit papa, and other things. Bizzzy.

Today made it 4 Metric gravel centuries in a row. I'll give the legs a day off tomorrow and get some chores done around home after work.



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Good job today.

Dan O said...

4 gravel centuries in a row - man, that's impressive.

Billy O sounds cool. Always great to meet people like that while riding.

Cold pizza at Cement Slab Cafe. Mmmm, yum - place sounds better with every new description....

tainterturtles said...

Wow 4? Very nice Mr DG. So how many calories did you burn up?

Steph said...

Hope you fight off that cold!

Sending more good weather your way this week to enjoy more riding! :)
cooler, but dry!

MrDaveyGie said...

Mrs. Tainter T, I think the longer I ride, the more weight I gain. I usually make it a tradition to contintue to eat double of what I burn up. :-)