Thursday, October 28, 2010

Riding time

Took off work early to ride with the wind for 62 miles. Had to stop about a dozen times for fallen trees, I was able to move about 4 of them out of the way. Amazingly there wasn't a tree down on the trail the whole return trip. Some good Samaritan with a chain saw moved all out of the way.

I had to battle the breezy and chilly day on today's bike ride. High of 39 today with wind gusts at 20 mph. The whole trip out I had to work hard fighting the wind. Standing up and pedaling a whopping 9 mph sometimes. The wind didn't give me back what I put into it on the return trip, it started slowing down. Wearing full finger gloves, head liner, tights, double layer wool top, with an wind breaker. I was the only bicycler I saw today, there should be more riders, don't ya think? Down to 22 degrees F tonight. I didn't cover my green peppers, bye bye greenie peppers.

The trees are nekid, their leaf covering is all gone, you can see things in the woods you couldn't see all spring and summer.

I saw something peculiar hanging from a tree about 200 yards from the trail. It looked like a giant golden acorn. I thought it looked like another hornet's nest but was golden in color.

So curiosity got the best of me, laying my bike down I headed across the open field that was like a soggy bog. Up a small hill with thick brush, and this is what I saw.

A honey bees' nest. It looked like a lot of the outer cover was gone. Perhaps due to those 60 mile an hour gust we got earlier this week. Notice the ball of honey comb. I'll bet this would taste good.

Iam a bit zonked now after a cold ride like that. Chilled and hungry.
Hoping for a repeat tomorrow. Trying to maintain an agressive schedule, got goals yanno.

Over and out, so long until the next time,


tainterturtles said...

Good ride today Mr DG. We also had a high of 39 degrees and I can imagine you were chilly with the breezy conditions today.

Get a good nights sleep before doing it again tomorrow.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Way to tough it out. Good effort, man!

Bill G said...

You are a rock star!!!!!!!!!

Dan O said...

Man, you put some serious mileage in - impressive.

I'm in a multi-week slump due to being sick - everyone in the family taking turns being wiped out with flu. Plus, overtime at work. Yikes.

Tomorrow appears to be normal - plan to hit a local 'cross race with my son.

As always, I enjoy your blog.