Sunday, October 17, 2010

Green nostrils, Billy'O, and MR 4X4

Dear "Mr. 4X4,"

To the man with the 7625 pound Ford 3500 Pick Up Truck. You are thee Alpha Male. You are the one with gigantic gargantuan testicular development. The way you charged the stop sign like you weren't going to stop and run me over left me in awe of your power. When I didn't stop and kept pedaling by, and you had to stop at the stop sign and give me the right of way, you showed me even more manly masculinity, but acting like you were going to shoot through the stop sign again. But when I didn't think you could get any more manly, you blew by me 20 mph over the speed limit and racking of your pipes. I am in awe of you. I am so minuscule, so fragile, so helpless in your presence. You are my hero.

Yours truly,


Another day of paradise viewed from a bike seat. Gorgeous day, was surprised legs had plenty of power to push the pace. Fatigue gradually set in from back to back days of 62 milers and riding hard. You know that feeling you get when you stop, and then to get started again the thighs give you the burn feeling like your making them mad because you keep pedaling.

Stopped and talked to this fellow. Look at the size canoe he is towing. He was headed to one of the tributaries of the Mississippi, and then put his bike in the canoe, and paddle with his dog down to the Mississippi River. I think I would be interested in doing that, the combination of trail and river would rock.

I saw small bushes or trees loaded with these green nostrils with thorns.

Meet Billy O. One heck of a sweet guy. Lives in the town of Dyersville a farming community. When I shook Billy's hand I could tell they were working hands, strong, firm, thick and calloused. Billy's hands had to do double duty in life because his legs were not pulling their share. He wanted to see my pictures from today on my camera, and as I took each picture of him, he would look each one over to give his approval. We parted after some more small chat.

To the rest of you bloggies,

Thanks for stopping, over and out.



dawn marie giegerich said...

It is a well established fact that these alpha males have small penises, thus the behavior.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Mr 4x4 and the suburban females up here in their SUVs can really test my love of all humankind.

tainterturtles said...

Just wait till you read my blog post tomorrow. After two days on our bicycle trip, I was ready to move to Demark where cyclists are respected and not yelled at by motorcyclists telling you to get your "f" bike off the road. Geez!

PS. I told Bike man that there is no such thing as "sunday drivers" anymore. Every motor vehicle is like a lion ready to pounce on you.

This weather is truly great!

Bill G said...

Mr 4x4 gets around I see. I wish I was that cool :)

Great post as always!!!

Enjoy the week and hopefully you get to ride like the wind!

Steph said...

Love the pic of the guy pulling
the canoe- That's really cool!!

The 2 cool guys you met along the day, cancel out the prick 4x4 guy :)

Dan O said...

Great post. Canoe dude is on to something - awesome idea.

All hail moronic truck driver !! What an idiot...