Saturday, October 16, 2010

Baaa Baaa White Sheep have you any wool??

Was a rock'n'roll ride. Had a rabbit in front on the way back for 20 miles, we took turns passing each other, as we took turns running out of gas, averaging 20 mph on gravel with some wind at my back at times, and cross winds at some other times. It was hard to walk down steps for the first hour after I got home, my thighs felt like smashed poe-ta-ters. But oh that feels good. My legs did their job today and that was hauling my mind to it's happy place.

and to think some sheep gave up their belly hair for me, this Merino Wool jersey works great, doesn't hold sweat, wicks well, regulates body temp, $pendy but great stuff.

Rode 62 miles on the trails, the woods is at it's most dynamic peak now, making rapid changes as the trees are stripping down to nakedness.

I thought I would be brave and tempt the "Tree Monster" he didn't bite, and I kept my hand. Such foolishness.
Well, after an hour cool down, I thought I would pedal up and visit with my papa. Took out my real deal made of steel "Liberty Bike" for the ride. Funny an older fellow came over and said that is an old bike, and we talked for an half hour, he was an ex bicycle racer. He had several bikes he was still riding. It was good chat.

Oh and Holy Mackerel pops, it was so warm in there I think lead would melt. But what can I say dad is 86 years old. When I'm that old I doubt if I will even have a detectable heart beat.

Here's a video of the tail end of my ride to papa's house.

Tomorrow, 2nd verse same at the first. Yeap, going out and explore the country side via pedaling.
Thanks for stopping, hope something fun happened to you today.


dawn marie giegerich said...

Oh, love the footage, the music - my beloved SFS property. Yes, the Fransiscans do not like the common folk using those paths, private people that they are. I saw your bike at Dad's, earlier, always makes me feel better.

Travel Gravel said...

I don't have a wool jersey, but I have a little game I play while riding that is centered around sheep. Not gross, just amusing. Perhaps I'll post it on Gravelo sometime. My 45th on Tuesday, planning to ride a mile for each year. Good times!

mrbill said...

I thought for a minute you were going to clip that wheelchair on that video, umm. Looks like a good day.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Glad you got out. Way to rip it!