Saturday, October 30, 2010

Riding away

Woke up this morning with a doozy, of a sinus infection and sore throat. Came out of nowhere with no warning. My legs still wanted to ride. They felt good in spite of the way my head felt. The ride went well and fortunately the legs had enough zip to pull through and grab another metric dirt century, 3rd on in a row. Towards the end they were starting to feel like my head, "zipless" You know those rides when getting home and off the bike becomes the predominate thought the last couple of miles.
Hope to make #4 in a row tomorrow and the head feels better.

Ok for those of weak heart and fragile character. PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED any further. I am dead serious, leave the blog now. For those of incredible inner strength and guts you may continue at your own risk. The picture you are about to see will still leave you shaking in your boots. Scroll down.

As if Creepy Baby wasn't frightening enough. you will never be the same again, after seeing Creepy Baby in her Trick or Treat costume.

Over and Out



tainterturtles said...

And just when I think I've seen it all....creepy baby, you amaze me!

I hope you feel better tomorrow Dave. A metric today when you not feeling well? Wow. You're a trooper.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Sounds like it's all in your head.
Did you get that broom fixed?

Bill G said...

You are a trip Sir David!!!

Creepy Baby and Metric with a Sinus Infection - crazy!!!!

Anonymous said...

Creepy baby was creepy. Did you ride with it on your bike? I carved a puking pumpkin this year. Was a winner with the kids in the neighborhood. BTW, sinus infection=neti pot. I live with one. Sinus probs are horrile for most in E Tennessee. If anything, it clears it up sooner. Helps to breath too.