Saturday, October 23, 2010

We are not alone

Well the weather forecast and radar looked like Rain and more rain. I knew I could not change the weather, and I knew I was going to ride. When it's warm and it rains, you can just get wet, when it's cold and it's rains, it can freeze zap you. It seems that the expensive breathable rain gear you buy, sooner or later you get soaked threw and threw if you ride long enough.

The lower priced plastic non breathable rain gear keeps you drier, but will cook you in a sauna if isn't cold out.

So I packed the plastic gear, and never wore any of it. It only slightly misted and never rained at all on today's ride.

I rode country style 62 miles, felt strong the whole ride, #82 was a good one. The bugs were horrendous, we need a hard freeze to zap em. The day warmed up and I think I was hit onemillionfourhundredthousandtwohundredandtwentyone times in the face.

Now what I am about to share, is for you Bloggies only. This information can not get out to the general public. As I rode it warmed up and I stopped to remove head liner, and glove liners.

I caught something moving out the corner of my eye inside the tree. Can you see it too?

Ok LQQK a little bit closer, there he is, see him?
There now you can see it. A little tree dwelling Gnome. I have heard from time to time from others that they are out here, but rarely seen. Now I am a believer. It was no accident I saw the Gnome, he let me know this. He said he has seen me ride by many many times, and thought he could trust me, and wanted to say hi. Then he vanished.

Later I saw him again on my way back home walking his lizard.

I told Birgit all about this when I got home, and she said to me, "David can I make you an appointment to talk to your doctor?" "You should really consider getting some help"

Well I don't know why I need help just because I saw a Gnome, and besides I need to keep this a secret. Geeeesh.

Well my engines feel good, and ready to rock and roll another tomorrow. Perhaps some might see just as peculiar as seeing Gnomes is that my evening is built around getting everything ready to ride again tomorrow. There are two different types of morning as I see them, one is the morning I get up drink a couple of coffees and ride where ever I please, the other type of morning, is I get up, and don't get to ride.

Watch out for Gnomes,



dawn marie giegerich said...

You are keeping company with a lot of imaginary friends these days.

MrDaveyGie said...

How dare you call my friends imaginary, I suppose that bat that that """SOMEBODY""" put in my recycle container is imaginary too.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

The weather gods looked on us with compassion today.

tainterturtles said...

Glad to hear you stayed dry. Your seeing Gnomes? Man, you need to pack more liquids my friend!!!!!

Dan O said...

Don't let the Gnome get anywhere near Creepy Baby...

Bill G said...

You are hilarious!!!

Great riding - as usual!

Steph said...

That lizard was just out roaming around?

I got another skeeter bite the other night! We do need one hard freeze!:)

MrDaveyGie said...

Yeap, Steph, that lizard was just roaming around, Only the second one I ever seen.