Saturday, October 9, 2010

Towels, and other things.

Josh-U-Waaa, my son, stopped in before I could take off with the mother load of dirty laundry, and a bunch of my "missing towels"

Just home from my bicycle ride and somebody ate all the chocolate chip cookies, hmmmm, Josh???? Caleb??????? Oh LQQK, who is to blame. Creeepy Baby, try to maintain a little self control please.

My legs had some fatigue in them. You know the kind that when you stop, it hurts to get restarted for awhile. Must be lactic acid hanging around. But the ride was fun, and tried to keep a push going for most of it.

Today was metric gravel ride (62miles) #78. I didn't take this serious for most the year. I have just been doing what I enjoy most and that is bicycling. But now I fear not making my goal of 100. family, work, and snow will now become a factor. If I could get 8 more this month I will be sitting in a good position. I am going to push for it. We now start a 2 week maintenance schedule and getting time off might not happen.

Oh Amber, if you read this tell Ellis I need a afternoon off this week. Pretty Please. Explanation: Amber, my manager's wife has been reported to have checked this blog out.

Daylight savings time leaves the first weekend of Nov. That will make metrics more difficult after work. But if a goal wasn't challenging it would have no meaning.

I stopped here to see who just called my cell phone, it was my dad and he left a message to come up and hook up his DVD TV tuner. While I was stopped I had this eerie feeling something was watching me. Felt Creepy to say the least.

Afterwards took my newly reconditioned steel is the real deal steed, a.k.a. "The Liberty Bike" up to my papa's, with some chili for him and programed his new DVD.

So the beautiful fall weekend is coming to a close,
Over and out.


Dan O said...

Creepy Baby needed to fuel up to thwart off the bats...

dawn marie giegerich said...

Amber - tell him you want cookies first.

Clive Chapman said...

Good luck with the 100 centuries mate.

Bill G said...

Hope your pa is doing good!

That tree is cool looking!

Good luck with work and free time :)

Courtney said...

You can do it only 22 to go. Snow metrics are fun too

welshcyclist said...

Great posts MrDavie, I've just been catching up on what you've been up to. I've no doubt you'll reach your target, keep on riding.

Steph said...

LOL at "Creepy Baby" :)