Saturday, October 9, 2010

Riding my day (life) away.

Ahhh, a warm day to rock the pedals. Rode 62 miles country style. Temperature in the 80s. I think all the bugs that went into a hibernating comatose condition when the temperature was in the 30s woke up today, and they were STARVING!!! The little blood sucking vampire bugs were relentless, usually if you stay pedaling you can avoid getting bit, not so today to many swarms of them.

And do you remember when Lady Bugs acted like Ladies? Well not anymore, they changed their name to Asian Beetle and are biting too now.

My pace was lacking, I needed something to pep things up. I saw a couple of riders on a long straight away ahead of me. So I set out catch them, I started pushing. Catching them and passing them turned out to be easier then I expected, but lo and behold I see a rider behind me cranking and creeping in on my rear wheel. So for the next 5 miles I pump close to my limit and the rider behind follows. When a parallel paved road gets close to the trail he hops off the gravel and takes the pavement. I now see he is on a skinny tire road bike, and was taking a short cut to meet up with some other riders. Well I was glad to pick up the pace, and continue to work at it.

I stopped at the "Cement Slab Cafe" they have a new and improved menu, today's special was Roasted Nut Crunch. Earlier this year I ran into another biker pulling up to a small town mart to re fluid, the same as I was doing. We stood next to our bikes filling our water bottles and woofing down a snack. We are eating and talking as easy as bike junkies can. He points to my sugary Granola Bar and says "You know, that is really just a Snicker Bar in a disguising wrapper."

I think "DUDE!!!" Nooooo, I was hoping for a Milky Way. I look at what he is eating out of a plastic bag, and it looks like fungus sprouts with mold, and an assortment of things found growing somewhere on the jungle floor.

I kept the peace and told him I would google for the ingredients, and didn't tell him I would have 4000 calories later of beer and pizza disguised as beer and pizza.

My patented invention "Shandles" worked well in this warmer weather. Shoes and sandals combined. I know most viewers laughed when I posted a picture of these in FaceBook. But the Wright Brothers were laughed at too. Lance A. said the three letter "W" word on my FaceBook post when he saw these. But I am suspecting a deluge of orders soon.

Ok tomorrow if I don't get called into work, I plan on a repeat of today. We are starting an outage for the next two weeks and typically that means more hours and that means less bike riding times, and that means Delirium tremor withdrawals symptoms.
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be bicycling addicts.



Bill G said...

You are one motivated man!!!

Triple D - hmmmmm - can I crash at your place if I make the trek I have always wanted to do that!

Adios Amigo!!

I know you mentioned Triple D in other post but I am slow to the take!

MrDaveyGie said...

Yes, Bill you may. I do not always know if a spare bedroom is open due to son(s) leave and return rate. But always a couch if not. Triple D is Jan 16th

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Those bugs liked Turtles too. I guess Minnesota blood doesn't taste very good to Asian Beetles.

dawn marie giegerich said...

I am heading for the munchies cupboard after reading your post and facebook entries.

tainterturtles said...

I'm glad you had a good ride today. Those asian beetles were out in full-force today.

Dan O said...

My dream is to one day actually dine at "The Cement Slab Cafe".

Will they let me in without modified footwear?

MrDaveyGie said...

Certainly Dan, the only requirement is that you bicycle there. Oh, and also do not turn them in to the FDA for lack of pest control.