Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hard riding and playing with my new toy, photo scanner

New Jersey, New rear tire, New travels, same old attitude, burn vacation hours to ride a bicycle.


Burned some vacation hours left work early and saddled up and rode a Metric dirt century. Great ride, the hardest I have been able to ride in several months, had full power the whole way, makes the ride a blast. Never got off the bike unless nature called, drank all of my 88 ounces of fluid I took along, could have used a little more. Sometimes you never know when the "may the force be with you" is going to happen. But when it does it's great not to waste it and ride like crazy. Riding gravel fast you slide around a bit, gets the pulse up.

Ran into the county road repair guys, we wave at each other as we go different directions. A couple of hours later we run into each other again, they pull over in their pick up truck and roll down the window, and I pedal over. Del then asked me "Is this all the further you got?" We laugh, and travel down the same road.

My back was stiff and sore today, because the other night I had my seat stuck, and I had to have Caleb help me pull it out. Now before you get any harmful images here, let me clarify. My bike seat post was stuck in my old Trek 750, I mean froze in place. After I twisted and pulled and pulled and twisted, I had Caleb help. He's a powerlifter and put the crank to it. We finally got it out, I lubed and put a different seat post in. I was once a powerlifter too, is the reason my back is quirky, here's two pictures from those days. I don't recommend the sport. Second picture is me crunching more vertebra, first picture is of my daughter Melissa and my dad watching me at a meet. As you can see Melissa says, "this is nuts, when can we go home dad?" :-)

At work this morning doing our mandatory stretches I ask my manager's boss how much did the new little LED lights cost that the guys are wearing on their hard hats. He says about 19 bucks, and asked me what was my interest. I told him I am starting to do some night riding and they would work nice not for navigational lighting but to mount one on my bike helmet to be able to see if I need to find something in my back pack, or to see to patch a tire or things like that.
So he goes, "Good grief, what is next IDITAROD?!?!?"
I say, "No"
Now I am thinking of some new goals and challenges.
Yahooo, I get to spend most of this weekend on a bicycle, it's a habit of mine. :-)
I do hope your day was a good one.
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tainterturtles said...

You had a good hard ride today. Glad you could take the afternoon off....this is amazing weather.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Way to play hard.

Travel Gravel said...

Photo scanner, now that's something that all of those 8th graders should have to learn about! I heard on the radio that "looking at pictures" now means that someone showed you a picture on their cell phone. ? Bring back slide shows! Hours on end at family gatherings looking at slides, pounding down a few Shirley Temples, we thought we had it all!

Clive Chapman said...

My younger brother was a power lifter of some repute in his day. Now he suffers with a permanently knackered back too.

Bill G said...

Iditarod on the bike is a long long dream of mine!!!

Mukluk will show me the way!!

Have a great weekend

mrbill said...

Have a good weekend on the bike Dave, I'm going to. That last photo of power lifting should have had a warning cover, it hurt my back.