Tuesday, October 5, 2010

8th graders, and a night ride.

YIKES!!!! Did the job fair today for 8th grade students. It was done in a large warehouse, and the students were bussed in. It was non stop all day, groups of about 25 8th graders would show up at my table every 15 minutes. This went on for several hours. It was hectic, I hope my voice doesn't run out tomorrow when I have more of the same. All in all, I am grateful for the opportunity, obtaining good paying skilled jobs doesn't come easy these days. I stressed to the students that classes they take in school are applicable for careers in the power industry, and how science, physics, and mathematical concepts are needed.

Here is one of the groups getting ready to launch.

Here's a group at my table, good kids, with a future ahead of them.

For the Biko techs, afterwards I went down and talked to my bike shop guys. I ordered a Titec h-bar for my Trek Hard Tail, gearing up for snow riding, making plans. This bar will give me more body positions when riding snow trails. I need a shim also to convert my 32.8 mm to the 25.4 diameter of the H-bar.
Now afterwards I was in the mood for some bike wrench time with my ponies. So I put together my old "Liberty bike" a Steel Hybrid, I haven't rode since March of 2006. Now without going into painful detail, I will share briefly why I call this bike the "Liberty Bike" In 2004 I met a lady online in a AOL chat room, a relationship grew and after a couple of visits she quit her job, sold her house, and I flew out to Arizona to drive her back to live with me and the boys, along with her large birds, three cats and two fat dogs. Before I made it back to town I realized I made the worst mistake of my life.
Her birds would scream day in and day out, cats would run all over the place at night, and across me when I was sleeping, the dogs would start barking for no reason for hours. Deb, the Internet lady, would stay home and chain smoke and talk to people online continuously. She hated my boys and made life miserable for them. She complained if I would bicycle and leave her after I came home from work. My bicycling drifted to almost no riding. Ok ok, I am going into too much detail. So finally she decided to leave this place in March of 2006, my first long bicycle ride was the next day, and was on this bike. What a feeling that was.

Tonight I did some night riding with this bike after I put parts back on and tuned and lubed. Rode up and visited with my papa, he is quiet lately, and I can tell, he is sad. Lost his mate, my mom, this year, and is going through different feelings, I can tell.

My 900 lumen night lighting system works well.

Ok, I gotta finish some things and wrap this day up.

Hope your day went well




Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

It's a mighty fine woman that understands about a boy and his bike.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Sonny was sad? I thought he was OK.

Dan O said...

Cool gig with the 8th grade kids.

Internet Lady story - scary, yet funny. Yikes.

Not an easy deal for your dad to go through - part of life I guess.

Clive Chapman said...

Always good to throw your leg over an old friend.

Hmm, could have worded that better...

Bill G said...

Clive - that was hilarious

Dave - you made a wise choice! Enjoy leading others and riding. Send some mojo my way please!

Oh and the sun!!!

Steph said...

Nice night-light!! what kind is it? I need something brighter.

mrbill said...

Like the story about the Liberty Bike, I think you need to Bronze it and put it on the Mantel, so you don't forget!!!

MrDaveyGie said...

Steph, that is a Magicshine P7 (MJ-808)
A great light. 3 stages of brightness, 300,600,900 Lumens. A red indicating light tells you when you are down to <25%. It will run 3 hours on full brightness, longer on a lower setting. This light often sells out in the fall. The 2 places I just checked were out of stock. Around 90 bucks, $pendy, but the best I have seen considering, cost, weight, and brightness.
Google for it, and you can probably find someone with it in stock.