Friday, August 13, 2010

Yahoooo, it's Friday

Yesterday was a long day work and I got called back into work, shortly after getting home which makes no bike.
My company sells electrons. They are shipped down cables to your homes. From there the energy of these moving electrons is converted into music, light, refrigeration, all sorts of energy transfer occurs. When it is hot like it has been it's balls to the wall for us, as many electrons as we can ship, will be sold.

Tonight my honey and me were going to soak up some beer and out side music. However the late afternoon thunder storms caused a cancellation. Chicken sheets.

So we went up to visit with papa, and no papa around, he must have been out gallivanting. AGAIN!!!!!

I am restless now, not riding for two days. Thinking about some bike time. This week end will change that. My plans are double centuries on the trails, hopefully one metric and one hundred miler. Might be a lot of mud and washouts to make the trip slower. That's OK. Gotta get er done.

Tomorrow the weather predictors are saying HOT, Humid, and Hellacious. So lotz of fluids, been there, done this before.

Oh and don't forget, this is coming...............




tainterturtles said...

Don't worry, you'll make up those lost miles. Have fun riding.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I'd like to jump in a pile of that white stuff, after what we've been through the last few weeks.

KungFooSausage said...

Ahh beautiful snow - dont forget the fat bike you were looking at.

My Bro in law also helps shift electrons. Hes currently building a new power station in Nigeria for his company.

Dan O said...

Freezing cold and hot and humid - you guys have it all.

80+ in Seattle felt hot today. We're wimps....