Monday, August 2, 2010

Until Marco Returns

Tomorrow is the send off Iowa National Guard to Afghanistan. The largest Iowa deployment since WWII. Marco is leaving, Marco is an infantry man, Marco is a sharp shooter, Marco is 20 years old, Marco is my lady's son.

Somehow I can't comprehend this. I can't comprehend we as the "smartest" species on this planet, take our 20 year old children, and have them be shot at and shoot back at other people. It seems it just shouldn't be true.

I'm not looking for a political debate here. When I watch films clips of a father/son/husband jump out of a flaming World Trade Center to crash to his death on the pavement below, when I hear the recorded transcript of a wife/mother/daughter aboard a soon to crash jet air liner, tell her husband over the cell phone "I am not coming home" "Tell the children I love them"

If who did this could be identified, I would like to volunteer, I really would. I have much less to lose then a newly married, newly father does. Perhaps I ramble here, but I just don't understand. Who is the enemy? I don't think we know.
Marco is a extraordinary individual, he will go and serve his country, do his duty, without complaint, we are very proud of him.

So I am wearing this yellow support the troops wrist band until I see Marco return.

I don't know what time I will be back home after the ceremony tomorrow. I would like to ride away afterwards. I put lights back on my bike, perhaps I'll use them tomorrow. Forecast has rain in it. I have a rain jacket.

So I plan on packing up and headed out on trail, with a late start, and perhaps come home by bike lights. Bug spray required.

I purchased these two water bottle cozies. Perfect fit for my 32 oz water bottles. Keeps my ice water colder for longer periods of time in the summer, and my water from freezing sooner in the winter.

Ride on.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Let Marco know that you are not the only one who appreciates what he'll be doing for us.

tainterturtles said...

Bless you Marco!

Hope those cozy's work out for ya.

Clive Chapman said...

As you probably know from my Blog I'm an ex squaddie myself. Some of my ex-comrades are still serving over there and I've lost a mate there too.

Forget the politics as you say, just remember and support the lads (and lasses)...

Dan O said...

Good luck to Marco. Do his tour over there safely and head back home.

I can't really agree why were over there, but still support the folks brave enough to sign up. They should get more credit and support.


Bill G said...

Prayers for Marco!

Dave you make very valid points! Hope you get that ride in!

KungFooSausage said...

I kind of agree with Dan O's comment. Its hard to understand how a society of people can have such vastly different and agressive policies towards their bretheren. Having said that, anyone with the guts to sign up to try to put things right needs our support and thoughts. Hope he keeps his head down and his feet dry...well its mostly sand so thats a given I guess!