Saturday, August 14, 2010

On a bicycle again.

Below all the necessary ingredients for a century in the dirt.

Last night I had a call on my cell phone at 1:00 a.m. from my 23 year old son Josh. I didn't wake up in time to answer. So I tried to call back a couple of times, and received no answer. So now typically a parent begins the "worry mode"

Why did he call? Is he in trouble? So l lay awake thinking of these things. 20 minutes later a message shows up on my cell phone from Josh. I listen. All I can hear is a bunch of people in a noisy room until the message times out.

So I call back again, Josh answers, and I ask what is going on. Josh says "oh nothing, we are at the Julian bar, so wearing my parent hat I say you need to get back to your apartment, so you can get some sleep being you have to be at work at 6:00 a.m. OK I'll shorten this up, it ends up Josh doesn't have his car, I go down and pick him up, the night life was buzzing on Main street full of 20ish and 30ish. I drop Josh off at his apartment. Came home and laid awake for an hour.

Today's trip starts out with my sister Dawnie in a car pulling up to me and saying something, we were going about 20mph, and I had ear buds in so I smile and nod my head like I heard what she said. Dawn if you read this post what did you said? :-0
Rode out on the trails and gravel roads today. Some areas are still quite storm damaged. Two guys coming from the opposite way shout at me as we pass that the trail is real bad the way I am heading. I tell them I know, and it makes it sporting. Warm and humid, bugs and bees, mud and wash outs describe today's 62 mile ride.

A rocky road

Small town parks sometimes come in handy.

Came home and made chili, and cut the grass, and am cooked stewed and drained. If I have enough in my gas tank tomorrow, I am going for 100 miler in the gravel, no guarantees will wait and see what I got.

Riding today I started thinking about we who pursue such endeavours like bicycling with much passion have to constantly juggle things around.

Basically we try to juggle three balls at once in our daily routines.


WORK would include how we earn an living, all the daily chores the errands we run, car repair, bicycle tuning, yard work, and a million other things.

FAMILY would include our immediate family, parents, mate,children, grand kids, for some of us our religious affiliations, our very best friends, all the primary people in our life's.

BICYCLING. Speaks for itself.

So every day we juggle to first two around to get as much time as we can for the third one.

Tomorrow to ride 100 miles on gravel requires TIME, time I have to juggle to get the freedom feeling to ride like I want too.

So I hope your day had some fun in it too.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Well Done! on the ride and juggling.

Dan O said...

My kids are still too young for the 1:00 AM phone calls - though I'm sure we'll get there soon enough.

Good job on the juggling.

KungFooSausage said...

I know what you mean. My eldest's only 19 and I get those calls sometimes. Today is a miserable weather day so we may go for a long ride or maybe cycle to the cinema. I'll wait until Ben gets his lazy ass out of bed before I find out.

Bill G said...

I am not excited about those ages. 14 & 12 is good by me right now!

Glad all was well! Great job on the ride!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Ride on, bro, ride on.
What else?