Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finally the finish.

First, before I finish this never ending story, I want to say hello to Amber. She's a new visitor here. Now how do I know this? One might ask. Well, I overheard a conversation like this at work today. "My wife was reading Dave's blog, and she asks me, "What is wrong with that guy" Now I don't care who you are, that is funny. Now let me say this my daughter agrees with Amber and the more Creepy Baby shows up around here, the more concerned she is getting. He also said, she's gonna come back and read this blog. Craziness must have it's own sort of unusual attraction. So welcome Amber, leave a comment if you like, and ya'll come back now, please........

The Star of the Show. A.K.A. The kidnapped bike.

So I say to the man kneeling down next to MY bike, "That is my bike, how did you get it?"

He again tells me we are going to have to work something out.

So I say, "OK, OK, you give me the bike back, tell me how you got it, and I will not report your involvement to the police and we'll consider this 'worked out.'

He stands, walks over to me, and says "Give me your word, and give me a few minutes to talk to my downstairs neighbor, and we'll see"

I tell him again, you have my word, we shake hands, and he says I am John, and that seemed to seal the deal.

Seems he believed me, I would not break my word, to anyone, I think he felt OK with that.

He leaves me alone in his apartment and goes downstairs for 10 minutes apparently talking to his neighbor, and returns with his neighbor.

His neighbor is standing next to him, looking like a nervous punk, about the same look and size as a white, Prince, the musician. Wearing black shiny pants, and a open vest with no shirt on.

Standing right next to him in total obedience guard stance was the biggest Pit Bull I have ever seen. I knew what the deal was, that was his protection, it was clear there would be nothing occurring that would harm him and everybody in the room knew it.

John says to me, I bought this bike from William here, William deals in merchandise. William nods his head, and says he bought the bike from one of his dealers for 25 bucks, and the man's name was Brian _____.

OMG, my head explodes inside. Brian the fellow I raised more then his parents did. Brian was always welcomed in my house. Brian knew how much I loved bicycling, he stole and then sold my 1500 dollar bicycle or 25 bucks. Now I knew it was him who robbed me over and over and over again. It now all made sense.

Now I want out of here, I want my bike, I want to rip Brian apart.

I tell John, "You know Brian gave me the exact description of you riding my bike past my house"
John looks at the Prince look alike and says to him. "We are going to have to take care of Brian, him spreading shit like that"

I'm thinking, what is he talking about, is he talking about killing this kid, this is all out of my league.

John sees my look and says to me, "I see you don't like this, we'll make it light, no boots, no knifes"

It is time for me to go, get out of here, take my bike, leave.

As soon as I get home, I call Brian's parent's house, and ask for Brian, I tell Brian to meet me in my back yard NOW!! He says to me, "Are you going to kill me?" I knew then, he knew, I knew.

I tell him you admit to me you robbed me blind, and then we'll go over to your parents and you admit to them what you done, and that's the last you'll hear from me.

He refused, I started to drag him towards my car telling him let's go down to the cop shop. He says "OK, OK!!" I took your bike, big deal."

I say ok, now we'll go tell your parents, and then that is the last I ever want to see of you.

I, in my angered state, head across the alley and walk into his parents house before Brian is even following me. I walk into their living room and there sits the dad, and the 25 year old daughter. I tell them your son is a crook, he's been robbing me for the last year. The guy never says a word, just looks at me, and goes back to watching TV.

I stand there feeling surreal waiting for Brian.

Brian walks in 5 minutes later and says " Dad, don't believe what he says, he forced me to admit I was stealing from him." Brian looks at me and says, "Get the F#$% out of my house!!"

I tell him. "I'm not leaving until your dad says leave."

His dad looks up at me and says the first word I heard him speak, ever, and says "LEAVE"

Two days later, a young man, heavily tattooed pulls up to me on a scooter when I am cutting grass. He tells me, don't worry about Brian that he will be taking care of, and drives away.

Post thoughts and notes.

I approached Brian the next time I saw him on the street and he pulled a knife on me, I called him a coward and walked away.

I looked up John in the police records and he has over 50 court appearances for various crimes.

Brian 7 years later still isn't working, is still living with his parents and I never see him.

I talked to his grandparents who live across the street from me, and they told me Brian isn't allowed in their house because of all the stealing he has done to them also.

I still have that bike, haven't rode it this year, but I like to ride a century on it every year and dedicate the ride to thinking about right and wrong.

I now have motion sensor light around the outside, security locks on everything, doors and bikes especially.

I talked to the Police about Brian, they knew some of this that was going on. I didn't have enough evidence to take him to trial. The officer that came to my home told me if you see him hanging around anywhere near my house, call me on this Cell phone number, and if I am on duty I'll come up. He told me usually the cop car will make a person like Brian run, and that would give him the right to chase and search him.

On a happier note between Thursday and Sunday I have three days off, my plans are three gravel metric centuries in the dirt, my plans are lots of wonderful body and soul time. Seems riding on a bike gives way, way better thoughts then riding in a car does. Ride on......................

Oh and last but not least, Creepy Baby now has a sweet cute lil friend, lil Ms. Trinity...Melissa, my daughter says "dad that is soooooooo wrong....... "




dawnmwelter said...

Whoa, heavy story. You called that one correctly, Brian is indeed a coward. Interesting to know the under world has its own system. So glad you have some extensive bike time coming up. Oh, and Melissa is so RIGHT.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Some people have a strange sense of right and wrong.

Like the bike pump behind the chair. Only what?

MrDaveyGie said...

Oh hi Tom, the only was the end of the sentence, "use on presta valves only" neighbors, kids and others were trying to mash the fitting on schrader valves at times. dang novices.

Clive Chapman said...

Fair play to you for fronting up like that, but have you considered just how lucky you were there mate?

Speaking from a personal bad experience I can honestly say I wouldn't have done that.

Looking forward to reading about your bike time!

Dan O said...

Wow - that's some story. Some people just can't be helped - too bad.

Glad to see Creepy Baby finally has a cute friend.

KungFooSausage said...

I see a film in the making.

Bill G said...

I am just going to read to see if Amanda ever comments!

Thanks for the story and glad you got your bike back!

Steph said...

WOW..... Brian....
That sucks.

What a crazy story!! Thanks for sharing!

I love that you do a century on that bike every year and think about right and wrong. That's way cool.

mrbill said...

Hum, doesnt sound like he learned his lesson, he might of had a hard time keeping on stealing with two broken arms, I hate thieves, no place in this world for em.
I was expecting a little Blood, good for you.

MrDaveyGie said...

MrBill, I will Email you the part that I omitted between, I approached Brian the next time I saw him...................and he pulled a knife on me.

Anonymous said...

Alright honey, story is finished, now it is time to face the world, PICK UP THE BASEMENT, CLEAN THE GARAGE, TAKE CARE OF YOUR WOMAN, lets have some fun:-)
But I enjoyed reading, my love!


Clive Chapman said...

Haha! Mate, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do...

In my experience, that's doing as he's told...

Crack on Davey!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled across this story after googling my bike, also a Trek 1220. And I feel a similar attachment to mine as you seem to have to yours. Maybe it's just because they are great bikes, or maybe it's because I also had mine stolen and recovered, and it really does make you appreciate something that much more.
You're story was much more interesting than mine. Mine goes something like: rode to a bar on a Saturday night, came out an hour or so later and the bike was gone, hysteria ensues, start walking home feeling complete loss, find my bike a block later laying on the sidewalk. Apparently, I had mislocked it, and someone just wanted to joyride/teach me a lesson. Whew, but that's when I realized how great of a bike it is.

MrDaveyGie said...

Well, cool we both got our bikes backs. Do you still ride yours? Oh and thanks for the comment.