Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A warm one

Spent the morning honoring our troops and especially Marco who are all headed to Afghanistan.

Marco is a man of extreme courage, honor and valor. And here is that man.

I got a late start, but wanted to crank some mileage out. I packed lighting, wasn't sure if I was going to get back before sunset. It was so warm and humid, I drank 12 lbs of fluid and still ran short. The bugs were having a hay day. I found out if you miss any spot when applying bug repellent they find that missed spot. I had to spray the top of my head or the varmints would enter my helmet ventilation and walk around the top of my head. I didn't feel like getting Lyme disease this week.

Much of my flight path is still heavily rutted from flood damage. Parts of the trail had truck tracks from repair work going on. That gave m a riding spot to follow their tire impressions. I had to go around and up and down hills in sections to get around. Never saw another biker in 62 miles of trail.

My "Shandles" work well, evaporate sweat, little rocks that go in, go back out, and I stay cool.

Required some tactful riding, I biffed once, bike went flying one way, and I the other way. It's funny as I was being dumped into the weeds, my fear was "here comes the poison ivy"

It's git'n late, I'm git'n tired, and I want to git home, and I run into this fresh gravel patch wanting to make road rash on me.


All in all, was a great challenge to ride in this humidity and heat. Today is Metric gravel century #52. I am thinking about taking half days instead of full days off and riding later in the day to better obtain my goal of 100 Centuries this year. That way I can get a double for every day off.

OH and I think I am falling in love click this link and see

Ok gotta go,
Ride on


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Yes! She is a beauty.

Clive Chapman said...

If you like that bike check this out:

Bruce in Scotland rides a Pugsley, have a nose at his prize winning video. The man is an artist.

Good luck to your lads too, I had the pleasure of training alongside your 82nd Airborne in 1990 for the first Gulf War.

Top blokes all of them, even if they did keep calling me Clyde.

It seems Clive isn't that a common a name in the States!

Dan O said...

That snow bike would be fun. Does thinking about snow keep you cool in all that heat and humidity?

MrDaveyGie said...

Yes she is H.L.
Thanks Clive, yeap I have been a Pugsley fan, I came close last winter to buying one, and then spring peaked it's head out.

Dan-o as much as I wait for winter to get over with after it's been here awhile, this heat makes me wait for summer to go bye bye.

Steph said...

Damn skeeters!
and damn that humidity!

I can't wait for some cool 50 degree fall biking.

I've been looking into Salsa bikes myself!! for a touring bike.

Melissa said...

Nice comment about the poison ivy. Remember when you almost died the last time you had it? Good times.
-your daughter

dawn marie giegerich said...


dawn marie giegerich said...

OK, this is the trial run #2.