Sunday, August 29, 2010

Riding to nowhere

Well my plan today was to do a "noride" day, let the knee simmer down, and catch up on some chores. Got up early and got a whole bunch of stuff done. As I was going in and out of the garage, I kept noticing a lonely bike. This was the bike that was stolen, kidnapped and who knows what unspeakable horrors she went through. She never talks about it.

What I noticed most about this bike was it was missing a lot of parts. I would routinely rob parts from her to keep my other bikes ridable. Shame on me.

So I put on top of my list for today to make her ridable again. Pedals, wheels, tires I put 38cc to ride some paths near my house, seat post, seat, bottle rack, and bike bag. She was ready to go. TADA Here she is. Isn't she purrrty? Now she's begging for a ride. Who amongst us could turn her down?!?!?!?!?

Now if my plan was to not ride today, that would mean I was riding nowhere. So I hopped on the old girl in search of nowhere and headed down the street.

I found nowhere.

Miles and miles of cut paths through fields.

Then I thought, I should head somewhere, and decided to head to papa's house. Taking the backyard's route, it was fun.

Next I checked out the 'hidden trails' This is area is less then a mile from my house. My boys would ride here 10-12 years ago, borrow my shovels and build jumps and stuff. I wondered if it still existed and headed that way.

This was a great discovery, dozens of jumps and fast curves.

Look at this banked curve, I'd love to catch some action here.

Here is the "cottage" My boys' were a big part of this 10-12 years ago, and now other generations have taken over. My hat goes off to you guys. The place was neat, not a speck of litter, and looking like a lot of fun. I am going to try and catch some action here and take some movie shots.

So if you have a noride day, and ride nowhere, it can be fun too.




Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Discovering nowhere; a noble quest.

Bill G said...

Awesome job Dave!!!

welshcyclist said...

Enjoyed your post, take care of that knee though,