Friday, August 27, 2010

Bikes spoken here

Seems wherever you go in my house there is something that says bicycling. We'll start on the front porch.

Here we have the quick ride, a beater bike, something you can hop on for a quick errand, or any short trips, town rides. This poor girl was an abandoned child, after it's owner had the rear wheel and tire stolen when he had the bike chained up, he trashed her. I rescued her, and put a replacement tire, wheel, and cassette on, and gave her a good home. I'm sure it saved my son's a few DUI's back in the day, cause they were smart enough to saddle up some nights instead of taking their car.

Walking through the living room is 4 slime tubes sitting on the coffee table, just arrived today, along with bicycling reading material. Also if you look in my DVD player there will be a bicycling related DVD. Now it is the great DVD, "The Great Divide" Bike shoes on the floor.

Now we enter the dining room. Here is where a lot of non biking spouses might have a problem. I have my Cycle Cross bike leaning against the dining room table. I want to get started early tomorrow, and I pack my bike ready to go. OH OH!!!! Do you see what I see?!?!?!? Yes, it's Creepy Baby watching us.

On the dining room wall is my 2'x3' framed poster of Lance. There is a tire pump over against the wall.

In the kitchen freezer are four bike bottles chill'n for tomorrow's ride. Energy bars on the kitchen counter.

Both bath rooms a.k.a. 'the reading library' are stocked with various bike magazines

The basement is full of bike stuff. I have two dressers dedicated for biking apparel. Riding 4 seasons in Iowa becomes quite challenging in the winter. The dressers have drawers labeled for ease of pick and choose.

Also down here is a bicycle chest full of bicycle tools and there is boxes of parts, labeled like tubes, tires, bike lights, etcetera.

When I finally flop over and quick ticking, if your a biker I recommend you head to my auction there is lots and lots of biking goodies.

Onto the back deck, and you some bike art by "squirrel" the man has tremendous passion for family, life, and bicycling. There are yesterday's ride bike shorts, sock, and jersey hanging on the clothsline.

In the garage is 6 bicycles, a bike stand, more bike parts, and bike tools

Well the best aspect of bicycling, bicycling. This weekend should bring a lot of that. Staying on the gravel roads for the weekend, expecting double metric centuries.

Tomorrow night is some heavy duty outdoor rock'n'roll. Johnny Trash Band, under the Town Clock.

Oh OH, the "boss" commented on my previous post. Finally the finish"

Ok I hope your day was a good day.


dawn marie giegerich said...

Dude . . . don't need to see the underwear drawer.

Dan O said...

Great post.

My house looks similar. At the moment 15+ bikes in the garage, a few boxes of parts and other stuff. Race and ride numbers from various events stapled to the ceiling.

A few zillion bike mags in the house, usually various short and jerseys hanging off a chair. A few bike pictures on the wall.

Us bike fanatics are a similar bunch....

tainterturtles said...

You didn't mention the bedroom. You mean to tell me you don't a bicycle in your bedroom? During the winter months we have two bicycles that hangout next to the bed. Hey, it's a great clothes hanger!!!!!

I still can't figure out how to keep kitty from chewing on the bicycle spokes...that's how she wakes us up in the morning. Bad girl!

Bill G said...

How do you get away with a bike against the table!

I would be kicked to the curb for that!!

Hope the ride was as great as mine!

Steph said...

a bike haven.
I couldn't imagine it any other way, for you!

I love the sun/bike chain thingie.