Monday, August 23, 2010

MrDaveyGie's Big Adventure Part II

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure 1985 Movie

The plot revolves around Pee-Wee's prized bike, which is tragically stolen. After deciding that the police couldn't possibly help him in his endeavors, he "takes the law into his own hands" and sets out on a quest to find his bicycle.

I, being who I am, my personality character is 'go get em'. I climbed the steps went to the door of the apartment and knocked, and knocked harder, and waited for what was to come next. I was ready to get my bike back, I was ready to do battle if necessary.

Well, what happened next, was exactly NOTHING. No body showed up at the door. There was music playing in the apartment, windows were opened, door wasn't locked. I left a note, a note written without reason, to the apartment dwellers, saying I need to talk to you about my stolen bike, I think you have, and you call me at this number.

I went down to the apartment again the next day, note gone, nobody in sight.

The next day I got that phone call. It was the man's brother, he shared with me about his brother the one I suspected. He told me his brother was mentally handicapped, he assured me his brother would never steal from anyone, he said his brother was there and wanted to talk to me, it was one of those moments where one realizes I jumped the gun, accused an innocent man of something he didn't do.

In a slow speech the falsely accused began to share with me how sorry he was, how he was bicycler too, didn't have a car. He offered share his bicycle with me until I was able to have my own again.

I felt sorry for my actions, and told him so.

Seems I wasn't getting my bike back. Seems I'm going to give up trying.

6 weeks later on a Saturday again, Parrish phones me. Tells me the guy is back in his shop again, not with my bike but with just my rims and wanting to know what Parrish would give him for them. Seems this crook was dumber then a box of rocks. Parrish had him cornered, and asked me to work something out, said the guy was wanting to resolve this issue and would talk to me.

So we meet over the phone for the first time. The chemistry of anger took over my reason and I told him, "YOU STOLE MY BIKE"

He told me I didn't know that for sure, and he would have to work something out and wanted to know where I lived. I did not believe him for a minute, I motioned to my current girl friend at that time who was standing next to me and understood the situation to call the cops. All the while I was convinced I was talking to the man who went through every room in my house and picked out of my possessions what he wanted.

I tried to stall this guy, keep him on the phone, waiting for a Cop from the Cop Shop that was just blocks from the bike shop that I thought was on the way.

The man on the other end of the phone asked me for my address, wrote it down and said he would come to my house and we would resolve this. I didn't believe he would show up and told him so, and he let me know he didn't care what I thought, and we needed to resolve this. I was hoping the cops would hurry up and get there.

He sensed this, and hung up. My gf had all ready jumped in her car and headed to the Bike Shop.

I next jumped in my car and headed to the same. As I was pulling up the police were walking out, they told me the sameo, they would keep an eye out. The guy was gone. I thought I just blew my one and only chance.

I asked Parrish if he seen my gf and he said she left, said she said she was going to try and find this guy. A bit gutsy, but that she was.

I went home decided it is over, said to myself the bike is gone probably not coming back for the first time.

Just got home, and phone rings, it's the gf, she says drove past the guy carrying my rims, pulled up and asked him where he was going, he told her he was going to visit me later, had my address, and would be up.


But I could do nothing else but wait. Two hours later he shows up. Walking.

Tall he was. 6 foot 4" perhaps, wearing just cut off jean shorts, tennis shoes and no shirt. I'm now standing on my front porch, he steps over my railing crouches down, and taps on a pack of cigarettes and lights one up.

He tells me we need to figure out how we are going to handle this. I don't quite understand I tell him, I just want my bike back, and I want to know how you got my bike.

He tells me if I am going to the cops he needs three days advance notice, it wasn't a request from his point of view, it was how it was going to be.

After awhile of getting no where he says lets go down to my apartment, and see about working something out. I wasn't sure what exactly the issue was, but I needed to know who has been robbing me, and also wanted my bike back.

So we both get in my car, he not saying anything and just staring out the window. I realize this doesn't smell right. I tell him I don't know you, we need to resolve this outside, I'm not going in your apartment with you. He just says "OK"

He directs me to his downtown apartment, I pull up, he gets out of my car, not saying a word, walks into his apartment and shuts the door. So there I sit in my car. So I figure what the heck, I went this far, I might as I might as well keep going. I climb the stairs to his apartment door, knock a couple of times on his door, with no answer, and proceed to let myself in.

There it was, straight ahead of me leaning against the wall was my bike, in the front room, along with three other bikes leaning against the walls, I walked into a criminal's den. This guy was on his knees next to my bike, removing parts........Here we go I think to myself... be continued....I promise you, the III and FINAL......part.

Oh and yes I've been bike riding about town. Tomorrow my CX bike is going to become a celebrity. My company I work for, Alliant Energy...wants to take a picture of me and the bike and put in their 8,500 employees News Letter. Due to the United Way pledges I got for employees for miles ridden on my bike.

Lock your bikes, some wouldn't think twice of taking it from you.


Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

I hope you share the picture from the paper.

Story's good so far.

dawn marie giegerich said...

Scary to think these jerks are out there . . .

KungFooSausage said...

I dont believe it. You've done it AGAIN!!! Who are you? Alfred Hitchcock?

Clive Chapman said...

I'm waiting for the theme tune to Dick Barton Special Agent to start!

Bloody hell, showing my age now...

Bill G said...

Finish the story Dave!!!!

Steph said...

Oh my god!!!!

What a story, so far!

I can't believe he kept saying "We need to resolve this... "

Dude.... resolve = Give me back my damn bike!!!!!!

Amazing.... people are so weird.

Anonymous said...

you r a loser

MrDaveyGie said...

Brian Curler the guy that stole my bike and a lot of other things from my house. Was that you commenting ?