Sunday, August 22, 2010

Creeeeeepy Baby

Getting ready to head out, and look who climbed on top of my bike!!!! Creepy Baby. I told her no way, you ain't going.

Well as you can see who won that one. I think she heard about Bud at the DQ and got jealous. Was a hot day again. Packing 4 water bottles and stopping for more. Tried this different location to mount the two water bottles in back. Worked well. Hopefully soon the weather will change to the 2 water bottles trips.

Rode the gravel for another dirt metric Century today. Didn't fly like I did yesterday, but stayed on the pace for the most part. Saw very few other riders today. Here's a film clip of part of today's ride. Well I think it's time for Dairy Queen.

Well thanks for stopping.




mrbill said...

Enjoyed the video, Dave, the baby, are you taking your medication?

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Make the baby do some pedaling next time.

MrDaveyGie said...

MrBill the doctor wanted me to go on meds, and he said then maybe Creepy Baby wouldn't talk to me anymore. So I threw em out. :-0

Oh and look for me and CreepyBaby to start sweeping the Tandem gravel races together.

Travel Gravel said...

I would swear that the farm on both sides of the road in your video was on the Death Ride route a year or two ago. Any idea if so? I've seen that somewhere! Later!

MrDaveyGie said...

Oh hi TG, was just checking your blog out ealier, wondering how ya been. That farm is between Sageville Iowa and Durango, great countryside.

Clive Chapman said...

Always good to have company on your pedals, even if it's more company for voices in your head!



Bill G said...

Time for a Tandem I think!

Dude your riding is amazing - keep it up!

Steph said...

My friends have a creepy baby they take along biking with them. We call her Baby Chou Chou (sounds like chow chow). She's creepy. Her limbs are all off now. She's taken quite the beating throughout the year. There are pics of her all over facebook of her various bike/bar outings.

I came across a "Bike Flair for $1!!" box on Ragbrai. It was filled with old used random toys.
I dug, and at the bottom- was a mini creepy baby! Looked just like Chou Chou!! I bought her. and she rides along with us now, since Chou-Chou has no limbs.
We call the new creepy baby Chi-Chi.

tainterturtles said...

Hey, Bud is coming with us on our ride down to Dubuque so Creepy Baby and Bud can finally meet one another.

There's one thing wrong Dave, creepy baby doesn't wear a helmet....bad, bad, bad! Bud always wears his blue helmet!!!!!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Rock on, Bob Seeger.
Reread tainterturtles.
Creepy Baby is at high risk just so you can get your laughs on the road. Shame.

Dan O said...

I think it may be time for Creepy Baby to be featured more often.

Maybe some long distance rides and with Creepy Baby in tow?

If so - more pictures!