Monday, August 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

Lessons learned today. Do not walk on your bathroom ceramic floors wearing your clipless bike shoes. I came to that realization when I heard CRaCk!@#. Seems the SPD cleats clashed with one of the tiles and cracked it.

Bike riding in town tonight, knee was pain free and I was happy. So looking forward to getting some longer saddle time in after missing out on a scheduled century yesterday.

Me whining yesterday

Me smiling today.

Thanks Grandson Cole for the expressions.

Our UnitedWay fund drive went well at work, we received pledges for miles bicycled and ran from other employees. The other two pictured here are runners. We are the top three money raisers. My boss, Ellis gave me a challenge, about 2 weeks into a 10 week fund drive. He said see if you can out total the next two combined in cash. So with a week to go it seemed I had in in the bag. Lo and behold these guys kicked it in gear the last week, I was 18 miles short. I didn't know this till after it was over. All I needed was 18 more measly miles. I told Ellis if you would have phoned me on the last night and told me I needed 18 miles I would have strapped on my light and taken care of business. What surprises me, is that surprised him I would do such a thing. Ya gotta get er done is how my mind works.

I asked my local bike shop if they could order me, the new Salsa MukLuk. After talking to Salsa a couple of times it seems they will now only take orders for 10 at a time. Single orders will not be taken until sometime in November. I would love to have this bike for snow travel. Perhaps production will catch up with demand before the end of the year. Would complete my stable.

So Monday is out of the way, summer is starting to loose it power, fall riding is around the corner.

And last but not least, I'll leave you with this, one picture is worth a thousand words. :-)



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Good work on the United Way fund drive.
I loike that Mukluk a lot!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Is that Sly Stallone on the left?

MrDaveyGie said...

That's my boss's boss. :-)

Steph said...

Do you have any local shops that sell Salsa, who'd maybe put the order in for ya?

That is a cool lookin' bike!

MrDaveyGie said...

I gotta check Steph, but I was hoping to be able to purchase through the shop I hang with.
Will see.

mrbill said...

Good job on the Fund Raiser. I completely understand the last photo. I've been worried about yall, did you catch the "Rabid Bat". I like that little place in the woods you posted a couple of days ago, if I come up for a ride I've got a place to stay, alright, are reservations required.