Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weapons of mass destruction and other thoughts while turning the pedals

Today's riding was two part. Rode around town mid morning, came home and ate. As a general rule of thumb I eat 2.5 Xs every calorie burned. Keeps all the fat cells happy. Then late afternoon, early evening rode out on the snow mobile trails. The trails were perfect for riding, unlike yesterday. Multiple snow mobiles have packed and crunched down the ice. I need to do some night riding out here this coming work week.

Seems where ever I rode today, that is where I would find myself. No matter how hard I tried to get away from me. Even here in the Cemetery, here I am.

Riding around Dubuque's industrial side.

Here is Dubuque's shot tower. Weapons of mass destruction. Built in 1856. Lead was melted on top and dropped down through screens to form lead shot. This supplied lead shot for the Civil War which ended up inside a lot of people. I don't think bullets belong there.

It's kinna an uncomfortable feeling, riding alone, in the woods, just about dark, and you can hear about 5 dogs running along side you, but you can't see them, barking, large dog barking sound, seemingly angrily. You wonder are they reverting back to their primal ways, running with the pack, hunting down food. [gulp!!]
I stopped, I could see their shadows moving. I yelled at them, they barked back. I saw a pole stuck in the ground to hold a reflector for snow mobile traffic. I thought if I had to, I could use that for a weapon. Then they all vanished and so did my groundless fears.

That ends my weekend. enjoyed all the miles spent on a bicycle. Much snow and ice and a few near crashes. Life is good. Hope you got to play some too.


tainterturtles said...

Dogs and bicycles just don't mix, in fact, dogs cause me anxiety while riding. Can't imagine riding in the dark with dogs chasing nearby....too freaky.

Our weekends go way to fast.

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Massive destruction on the trails today. Way to go Dave!

dawn marie giegerich said...

Sorry you couldn't lose yourself on the trail. Too much on your mind, perhaps? Try again.

Bill G said...

You are quite dedicated Mr. Dave!

Great riding - keep up the awesome work!

mrbill said...

"near crashes", that's a whole lot better than crashes, take care Dave

Steph said...

My uncle showed me/explained the story to me, of the shot tower there in Dubuque. Pretty cool!:)

Dan O said...

I always dig your pics of Iowa while riding. I've lived on both coasts, so the "middle" of the US is the land of mystery for me.

With the rural rides and dogs, do you pack dog repellent spray? Or just lose 'em with your incredible speed?

MrDaveyGie said...

Hi Dan-O, yes I often pack Dog Spray, I also have a dog bisquit or two in my pocket. I will try that first if the dog(s) give me that chance. I've had a few good scares.

welshcyclist said...

Great post as usual MrDaveyGie, all the snow has gone here in South Wales now. Thankfully, I rarely see a dog and never a few together, just the odd fox, badger, squirrel etc., harmless stuff. But a piece of me envies your experience, Cheers.