Saturday, February 26, 2011

A boy and his bike ride.

One of those bestests of rides. Around 15 degrees, I pedaled downtown first to drop off a borrowed cable housing cutter at my Local Bike Shop. I have a cable cutter but this high end cable housing will not cut clean without a cable housing cutter.  I ordered my own.
My feet were cold even with double wool socks on so I headed back home first before going snow mobile trail riding and put my shoe covers on also.

The trails were beautiful today, snow was frozen hard so I could ride on top the crust most of the time. I rode 40 miles and didn't see another human being, not a skier, runner, snow mobile or bicyclist.  A few times my rear tire would punch through a ice shelf and the ice rut would try and suck my rear tire off the rim. It was like putting on the brakes and was fun trying to power out of it and get back on top of the snow.

 I wheeled around a corner and then down this slight incline and then I said "OH $#1+ " This picture is from the reverse direction. I made the split second decision to not try and stop or I would probably dump the bike and these are steel beams and that is creek below. Dumping the bike here probably meant either splitting my bean open, drowning, or freezing to death or perhaps all three. Having front shocks helped carry my momentum up and over the gap, my heart rate pegged on my Heart Monitor when the support plank started to slide on me. Afterwards I enjoyed the adrenaline rush. YaHoo.

other then that incident and  a few slide outs on ice patches well hidden under a light snow covering I had a relatively safe journey.

Now yesterday LorFlor asked the question below on my blog commentary,

"Sometimes I wonder how many scars you have from your obsession.

My answer is, "Nope L, I never biff as you can see by the picture below."  :-)

Just kidd'n yeap flopping over goes with the year round riding. These knocks came when a large stick popped in between my spokes at around 15 mph and locked my front tire flipping me into the air and onto a face plant. I got me a good headache out of this.

and now it's time to boogie woogie all the way home

My baby girl Melissa turns 30 today, now she's all growed up and has her own, and she's still my baby girl. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MELISSA

Now as they used to say on the Mickey Mouse show, "now it's time to say goodbye."



Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Those knocks and bumps add the character to our faces that make us so damn good lookin"!

LoRFLoR said...

OuCHH!!! Looks like you were almost disemboweled by a bear or something... and good thing you didn't fall into that creek! I was on the edge of my seat holding my breath reading this post. So nervous. Looks like I am out of commentary space...since you have indicated we have a limit.

Dan O said...

It's not riding without occasional blood.

Sounds like a nice ride you had - cool. I mean cold...

Clive Chapman said...

You ain't falling, you ain't trying. Good work feller!

mrbill said...

Do me a favor and stay off that darn steel bridge until things dry up, will you listen, no, have fun Dave.

tainterturtles said...

You are one tough dud! Hey, you need to be biking those gnarly single track trails where it gets really interesting.

Happy trails Dave!

dawn marie giegerich said...

YA-HOOO! - what a ride, baby!
Nix on the blood and frozen snot.