Thursday, February 17, 2011

Road riding.

I posted this picture and this caption on my FaceBook as I was leaving the house to spend the better part of the day on my aluminium horse with wheels.

‎3 Simple Rules for Today's road ride.

A. Avoid ice patches.

B. Avoid mad carnivorous chasing dogs.

C. Avoid huge chunks of metal rolling on rubber wheels.

Some people thought this was a puddle I was headed into. Actually it is the hood of my car and I put my camera on top of it. 

Rode all over town, rode a lot of hills. 62 miles, thought I should at least do a metric century on pavement. Bike felt so light, took me awhile to trust cornering at these new speeds, that I haven't experienced since last Nov, with all the snow riding.

Here is a picture of the frozen Mississippi River.
Meet Mister David T. An endurance athlete. From bicyclist racer, to endurance skier, to canoe racer. Last week at the pre Birkie Ski Race during warm ups Dave fell backwards and dislocated his shoulder.  Unable to race he skied for 2 hours and packed up and went home. A week from this weekend is the "Big Birkie" 11,000 competitors. Dave has been working hard for this one and will be there. We chatted 90 miles per hour for 10 minutes all buzzed on endorphins and then decided to get back to moving so we didn't freeze in our sweat.

A wet drizzling day, but a day on the bike on a drizzling day is better then a day off the bike on a sunny day.
 I stopped and had a visit with Peter and gave him a peck. Another skier friend asked me if it was a 'long lonely rife' :-)

Feel well zonked now, the chill, the drizzle, lots of hills, the miles, left this guy with the 22 year old brain who wants to keep going all the time and the 58 year old body stiff and tired. That's a good thing. :-) I think?



tainterturtles said...

Oh oh,kissing the statue....oh boy Dave! Maybe your workout today was a little too much too fast, hee, hee!

Harry Legge's Cycling Blog said...

Sounds like you followed all the rules.
62 miles is a lot for this time of year. Well Done!

Bill G said...

Great job Sir David - our snow is all gone and now it is road time. I am sad. Not enough Mukluk time!

dawn marie giegerich said...

That first picture is amazing. It's definitely your signature photo, you look so happy.